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W E L C O M E to ABoyNameXander.com!

This blog intends to record life experiences and events, things I have been through (good or bad), places I visited, food, technology, photography, etc. This is my way of reminding myself how my life have been in the past hoping to encourage other people like me. 

I am so glad you are here. 

I started blogging in 2007 and created a blog-blogan as my way of sharing my thoughts on different things. I did not pursue blogging as I was too focus on my studies at that time, then forget about it and totally neglected it the year after. 

Last 15th of May 2010, my interest in blogging came back and began writing stuff about anything. Hence, I consider it as the official birth date of this blog.

I want to write something that will inspire people. I want to leave a mark that every time after reading my blog, they will get something remarkable or valuable out of it. This blog will continue to entertain and inspire people to the best of my ability. However, this blog doesn't focus on a specific niche but will continue to share life experiences, discuss topics that are relevant (and controversial), share information from my own experience, personal development, personal written stories, current events, lifestyle, product reviews and promos, technology and some others. In short, this blog will share anything and everything. As long as there is something worth sharing, then this blog will share anything as long as it doesn't hurt, affect people's lives, destruct other people's dignity or some other stuff that will damage people in anyway. This blog will still continue to give inspiration to others.

ABoyNamedXander is taken from my real name Alexander. There is nothing really major reason why such name. The author of this blog is very friendly, intolerant to justice and defends weak (parang superhero lang).

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