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Sometimes we need to get hurt for us to heal. We need to get wounded to experience pain. Sometimes we need to get lost for us to get direction. We sometimes need destruction, damaged or broken for us to understand how to build ourselves and be created anew, stronger, better and different. 
Personally, fear befalls me when I am broken and shattered. I became fragile and easily distracted. I lost direction. I lost control of my decisions and always jump into every opportunity that comes my way. I want to keep away from that feeling of loneliness and hurt and so I easily dive into anything that comes along whatever it takes.
I envy those who have that guts to be strong despite and inspite of what situation they are into. I admire those who still believe that there is someone out there who firmly believe with all their faith that someone is always ready to save them from their misery.
I do believe, but I just don't know how to start.
I can hear that little child inside me calling and…