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New Year. New Look.

     So I finally gave in...
     It's been my plan a long time ago to change the template of this blog but because I am too busy at work I dont get the chance to change it, not until today. I wanted to have a simple yet fierce blog template. I am not a blog guru or something, so I chose the white color background with Trebuchet as font. I am still using A Boy Named Xander's Header or Logo as I dont have much time to create a new one. Again, I am not that knowledgeable about photoshop or logo maker, but if there is someone out there who has a good heart to give me one I would appreciate it. As you can see, there no big drama on my blog. Its just the color, really!
   The color white means lot of thing for me. For me, its purity, cleanliness and innocence. This coming 2011, I want my life to be simple but yet edgy. I want it clean and pure inside and out. White is one of my favorite color, aside from blue of course. You can easily blend any color with white, which means…

101 Followers for 2011

I would like to say thank you for following this blog. It has been my desire to reach 100 followers before the year ends but then it exceeded to what I am expecting. I now have 101 disciples (followers). I appreciate you reading this humble blog and following it. I wish and do hope and pray that you will continue to be a part of this blog in the coming years. May the good Lord bless us all and will continue to give us wisdom and knowledge as we continue to share every though and every experiences that we have to others.
    Once again, THANKS EVERYONE! Always remember that I value every messages and comments that you've shared. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Looking Back... 2010 in Review

Year 2010 is almost over and the remaining days are getting more exciting. As I reminisce on the things that happened in my life in 2010, I can surely say that life is really great and God has been good and remains good because of the great provision He has given. There are so many wonderful things happened in my life and there are some not so good. I can say that 2010 for me is a roller coaster. It's one hell of a ride. But there has been no dull moment in my life in 2010 as every moment is cherished and every experience is being valued.

     It's nice to look back and remember those that happened in the past not because you are bitter or you resented about it, but because without it you wouldn't be the person God wants you to be. Looking back is also a way of evaluating yourself on how you've been and what you did in the past; and then realized that you can do better in the future. Life is not that easy, but with great determination and strong conviction one can su…

Christmas Away From Home

It's difficult when your away from your family. You'll miss a lot of occassion and important events in your family's lives. I've been away from my family for almost six years. Not that long but I think its been a decade since I'm away from them. Though, I always find a way to go home as much as I can, but its still different when you see your family every now and then. Yung tipong araw-araw mo silang kapiling. Its different when you can just reach them when you need somebody to lean on or if you're sick someone will take care of you. Maybe, you'll ask why I am away from my family when? I can't give you a straight answer, but honestly it falls down to the desire of helping them. I wanted to earn big and work hard for them, to help them and support them in every way I can. Ganun talaga siguro tayong mga Pinoy basta pag pamilya ang pinag-uusapan kahit mahirap at masakit, ginagawa natin.
     While people around the globe celebrate and enjoy this Chr…

Ang Katuparan Ng Pangarap Kung Ipad

Umaga na at mataas na ang sikat ng araw ng ako'y nagising kaninang umaga. Naisip ko na 11Am ako papasok ngayon kasi may Christmas party naman kasi sa opisina. Masaya ang pakiramdam ko at medyo masigasig na pumasok sa work. Since Christmas party namin ngayon naisipan kung dumaan sa pinakamalapit na Starbucks upang bumili ng gift check dahil sa wala na akong time mamili ng pang exchange gift sa sobrang busy sa work. Sa totoo lang, hindi naman talaga ako mahilig mamigay ng regalo. Hindi dahil sa wala akong pambili or dahil sa kuripot ako, pero dahil sa hindi naman talaga kami nag cecelebrate ng pasko. Naniniwala kasi ako na ang pasko ay araw-araw. Ang exchange gift ay hindi sapilitan kundi bukal sa loob. Pero dahil sa tradisyon na ito nating mga Pinoy, game na din ako!
     Paglabas ko sa Starbucks, dama ko ang sarap ng simoy ng hangin. Sa unang pagkakataon ngayon ko lang naramdaman ang simoy ng pasko. Napangiti ako at bumulong ng maikling pasasalamat sa Panginoon. Nagpapasala…

You Know Better Than I

Most of the time, when we're in trouble we always blame other people or even worst God, for whatever we've been through. Sometimes, we tend to get out of our way and do something that we'll regret in the end. We over reacted to that current situation that we're into and didn't realise that every thing happens for a reason. As a human being , we always fail to trust God. Sometimes, waiting patiently and listening helps us.
     I was overwhelmed by how God let me go through in my troubled times. I can honestly say that before year 2010 ends, my life was tested and my faith was shaken. I get into trouble at work that causes my life to turn upside down. I was on top of my career. I had so many plans and then suddenly I was shuttered by an incident that I never imagine would happen.
     I was looking back on how I overcome that situation. I was sad and worried leaving the people close to me and leaving the work I love for how many years. Sometimes, God will take …

My Sister's Wedding

...Finally she walked down the aisle and will start to write her story. Her married life already started. No turning back. No regrets. No retreat and will never surrender....
     These are the thoughts that flashed in my head will seeing my younger sister walked down the aisle on her wedding day. I used to see her as a small little girl, fragile and sweet. We used to play under the heat of the sun. We fight a lot when were still kids. We consider ourselves as "frienemies" (friends-enemies). I really don't know the reason behind why we always fight a lot when we were kids; maybe because we're both middle child. We always seek attention when we were little but in the end we both have each other's attention. Well, those were the days... and today is totally different. She has grown so fast and I can't imagine she will decide one day to get married before me.
     She had a simple wedding, not that big and expensive. We want to have an intimate wedding where only…

Zest Air Experience

My last visit to Davao was a mixed emotion. It's my first time to go home and be with my family for 3 days and 2 nights and also to attend my sister's wedding. This is also the first time I used Zest Air as a means of transportation via Manila - Davao. I normally go for Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific. I use the latter a lot because of there promos and ticket sales year round.

Experience with Zest Air
Since I was late to book a flight for Cebu Pacific, I need to find a more cheaper airline fare compared to what Cebu Pacific is offering at that time. Since holiday season is fast approaching and I only got the chance to book a flight last  Monday and my flight is schedule on a Friday (December 10, 2010) so the only possible and reasonable fare I can see and think of is aiZest Air. So, I finally decided and gave in to book a flight with them. I am excited to see what they can offer me and what other things that they have and the other planes dont have. But, at the back of…

Going Home To The Place Where I Belong

Its nice to know that after almost a year, I'll be seeing my family once again. Though, I always go home from time to time if theres a a lot of money in my pocket (Lol...). I am so excited because its my sister's wedding and that I know this is her very special day. I know she is happy with her decision and that I am looking forward for her to have a wonderful married life.
Anyways, I am packing my things right now... So I hope I can make it before my flight schedule. This will be a three day vacation, the shortest I ever had ever since. Kinda sad since I wont be able to be with my family this Christmas because of work. But this is better thank nothing so I will just make most of it.
See yah around guys...

Domesticate Your Temper

As what I've mentioned in my previous post, The Holes in the Fence, if we poorly managed our anger or temper it might damage our health, work, or even relationships. So here's some tips on how to get your anger under control. 
Do some stretching. Physical activity can help release tension and anger. So when you start to have that feeling of getting angry, try to run or jump or have a simple exercise.Put it into words. Write it on a piece of paper and explain why your angry and what causes it. You can also write what you need to do to exterminate your anger. Don't vent it out as much as possible. Some of us think that venting out our anger leads to solving a problem or resolving it. But venting can cause more trouble and problems that it solves it. Be creative. Use humor or use your imagination, instead in venting out your anger. Instead of getting physical or venting out your anger to someone, think of them as a dirty cloth that needs to be washed. Imagine that your…