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Live A Life Like A Child


30 Things I Learned At The Age 30

Turning age 30 is something that I am proud of despite all the hardships and trials I've encountered along the way, hence, it makes me a better person. As what other people say, life starts at 30. Well, I disagree, life starts the moment I started breathing. It started when I first learned my lessons on how to walk and talk, when I stumble when I had my first step as a baby, when I had my first hair cut, it started when I cried over a candy taken from me by my other siblings, it started when I finish my grade school. and started to dream bi.g It all started when I had my first crush at school, and then broken-hearted after. It all started when I learned that life is not a fairytale. Life is not always a happy ever after but being happy with life means contented with what we have. However, being contented with what we have doesn't mean we stay where we are. We can still dream big and continue dreaming until we achieve what we aim for. Contentment means living with what we have…

Travelling Alone is A Whole New Adventure

Doing things freely and independently is something that I enjoyed the most. Things like nobody is asking you why you're doing it or maybe nobody is dictating you why you need to do it. I enjoyed going to a movie, eating out in a fancy restaurant, walking in the park, going to the gym, having coffee, watching TV, drink some wine/beer in a bar are some of the things I enjoyed doing all by myself. 
Sounds boring? Not exactly! I love doing it as it gives me time for myself. It brings me joy when sometimes I treat myself into something like those I mentioned above. But what about traveling alone? Is that also the same case as those I've mentioned. Well, the answer is YES! I tried traveling alone, just me and my backpack.There is power in numbers, but if you know the drill, there is also power in being alone. Why its fun to travel alone? Because... You can go anywhere you want to go without thinking of other people. If you want to change your schedule or plan then you can do it with…

A Letter to Myself


Reasons Why You Should Think Your Rich

A lot of people believe that being rich is measured on how big is your savings in your bank account. To some, you are rich if you a lot of properties in the land like Jaime Zobel de Ayala, Henry Sy, Lucio Tan, or John Gokongwai, and some other high profile people in the country. Well for me, being rich is keeping the right perspective even in the midst of financial crisis. It's when you can still support and supply your daily needs even in times of nothingness. Being rich is when you experienced life to the fullest.

     There are lot of things that you should be thankful for that you are rich.
You didn't sleep on the street every night. (Nakatulog ka na ba sa gitna ng kalsada?) You can eat 3x a day.You can read and write.The air that you breathe is still free of charge.You can wear the type of clothes you like.You wake up this morning and you still have food in your table.You have the right to express your opinions and feelings.You can use internet and surf and blog. You …

Baguio Adventure

Few months back, a friend of mine asked me to go out of town with her and spend some time with her special someone. The original plan was to visit Ilocos but that didn't push through for some reasons. We talked and planned and visit some other places instead. The last place we have in mind is Baguio City. I got excited as I've never been to this place. I don't travel that much aside from traveling back to my hometown, Davao City.

     Anyways, this is the first time I'll be in Baguio. This is also the first time I traveled with two wonderful people. This is also the first time I'll meet my friend's special someone. So almost everything is "first time" for me and every first time experiences I have in Baguio means a lot to me. The places we visited are great but what I love about my travel with the people I'm with is the memories we've shared and the thought of having real and wonderful friends is amazing. I believe that most of the relati…

Simple Words with Great Impact

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind –Rudyard Kipling
Clearly words influence our thoughts, feelings, actions and states of mind. Even little words often bring great meaning. A lot of us don’t really care much about what we say and tell even if it hurts others. Most of us doesn’t really care at all to tell even just simple words yet will surely creates huge change or impact to someone’s lives.
Think about it, whether you want to get the best job in the land, save your marriage, win a friend, approval of your proposal, retain your employees; all boils down to how you used words that will surely make a difference.Simple words that we normally taken for granted have the ability to inspire people, hurt someone, encourage and discourage, help, promote, or hinder.
I have listed 11 simple words but have great meaning and impact in a constructive way.
I’m Sorry.When we hurt someone whether it is intentional or not, saying you are sorry for what happened can ease the…