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Remember when you were a kid? Your biggest worry was, like, if you get a new shirt or a brand new shoes on your birthday or if your parents give you your one weeks "baon" or just enough for a day. Or your only focus is just to play and play harder. 
Being an adult? Totally overrated. 
I mean seriously, most of us are fooled by fancy clothes, red shoes, brand new car, credit cards, late night parties, great sex, and the no parents telling you what to do and what not to do thingy. 
Adulthood is responsibility. 
This letter R really sucks. Really, really sucks. 
As adults, we need to do things to survive. We need to earn a living to pay our monthly rental. If you are a teacher, educating little ones means you are shaping the future of our nation by molding this little ones into a better adult in the future. Talk about responsibility. As an HR person, holding employees personal and confidential information is a big responsibility, hello? If you're a bus/jeepney driver or a …