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Amazing Wonders of Ylang-ylang

Ylang-ylang (ee-lahng-ee-lahng), Cananga odorata, is a small but beautiful flower of the cananga tree.This tree has been valued for its wonderful scent. This fast growing tree of the custard-apple family, exceeds 5m (15ft) per year and attains an average height of 12m (40ft). The evergreen leaves are smooth and glossy, oval, pointed, with wavy margins, and 13–20 cm (5-8 in) long. The flower is drooping, long-stalked, with six narrow greenish yellow (rarely pink) petals, rather like a sea star in appearance, and yields a highly fragrant essential oil.


Ylang-ylang derives from the Tagalog (Philippine Islands National Language) either from the word "ilang"  which means "wilderness", alluding to its natural habitat, or the word "ilang-ilang" which means "rare". This plant is native to the Philippines and Indonesia and is commonly known in Polynesia, Micronesia and Melanesia.

It is believed that their are different uses of this amazing and…

Pearl Farm: A Real Paradise

Pearl Farm is located in the southern part of the Philippines is the Samal group of Islands, an archipelago consisting of nine islands which stretch out over a land area of 28,000 hectares. 
Nestled on the quiet side of Samal Island, The Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a mere 45-minute boat ride from the wharf. This fourteen (14) hectare spread was once a pearl farm, where thousands of white-lipped oysters transported from the Sulu Sea, were cultivated for their pink, white and gold pearls. Today, the resort beckons with the promise of a relaxing, private retreat, under the care of its friendly and charming staff.
This is a perfect getaway from the hassles and noises of downtown Davao. Pearl Farm is the right place where you can unwind, relax, do island picnic, or just relax in the pool and stare at the stars in the evening. 
Pearl farm offers a wide array of activities. For sports enthusiasts, tennis courts are available day and at night. They also of course offer…

Raising Up a Child

I’m eminently excited because in the next two days I will be seeing my nephew. He is such a lovely child and very funny. He likes to play with my sisters and my Mom and Dad. He is two years old and hasn’t seen him for quite some time. It made me think how it feels raising a child. I was raise by my parents beautifully. We were raised by realizing the importance of obeying parents and following their precepts. We were reminded in Ephesians 6:11, to follow our parents in the Lord for this is right, for this is what God wants us to do. 

I ask myself what If I disobeyed my parents. Where will I go? What will I do? Will they still accept me for what I have done wrong? Will they forgive me?

The Bible tells about a rich man who had two sons. The younger one asks for his share of the estate. The father didn’t mind but share the property into two. One for the older and the other half was given to the youngest. The older son stayed with his father and help with their business. On the other hand, …

Lunch at aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante

One of my colleague will be leaving us since she had an offer to a different company. Well actually, her contract ended with us so she is not transferring. We had a send off lunch out with her at Aveneto Pizzeria Ristorante in Glorietta. I had a lot of fun since the food there is really amazing. The pizza is great. The pasta is so cool and tastes so good. The other foods are also great. 
The venue is also great. The ambiance is amazing. We arrive at the location at around 11:30AM and then people starts coming in as well.  It was such a great fun, though we will be missing Val (colleague who will be leaving us). 
I want you to check some of the pictures!

For more information about the store you may visit this site: Aveneto Pizerria Ristorante

Coloring books for adults...

Its been a while since I haven't written anything. I was caught up with my busy work and schedule. Month- end Reports had just ended so I am kinda free and not tight for the coming days. Last Sunday I stayed at home because its raining so hard outside. Its my time to regain energy and sleep and rest from my busy sched. It's also my chance to clean the house as I wasn't able to do it for many weeks..Lol.
     I ran into this bunch of books that I have kept for years and found one of my coloring books. This is actually a coloring books for adults. Sounds funny right? But, yes! it is for adults. This is a more complicated coloring books, not the usual coloring books for children with just one figure to color. This one is more complicated. There are few pages on this book and I'm just on my first page. Normally, one page would last i think a day if you really give your time to it. 
     There also different themes for this coloring book. The one that I have is the Count…

The Dark Night...

It's raining cats and dogs when darkness swathe my city as blackout strikes at 8:30PM one evening. Silence covers the whole town and the feeling of melancholy starts to sink in. I began to feel sadness in the air every time it touches my being. I sat down for a while hoping that light will return from its senses and uncover what’s being hidden in darkness. Depression starts to move, realizing that blackout would take longer than I expected. I tried to listen to music to dispel sadness but it seems it pushes me more down into depression until I can no longer hold back. Even the music goes with what the nature is experiencing.

I realize that being clothed in darkness takes away happiness and things that we loved and enjoy. Darkness means so many things to some. Darkness could mean problems we encounter each day. It could also mean trials that a person is going through, it could be about love or money. You can also consider it as something that hinders you to fulfill y…