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Unanswered Prayers

Common reason we often hear from people tells us that "unanswered prayers" is due to lack of faith. Maybe alot of us believe this and sometimes we often agree to those who tells us that we need more faith. Minsan sinasabi nila na anak lang ng Diyos ang pinapakinggan ang mga dasal.
Pero sabi sa Bibliya if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, "move from here to there" and it will move. Ang lahat ng bagay ay possible kung tayo ay naniniwala.
Ngunit, kadalasan naman may mga panalangin na hindi nasasagot. Minsan iniisip natin na nakalimutan tayo. We then start to think that were forsaken and forgotten. He starts to hate and then stops praying. Only to realize that there are times, prayers who are unanswered means we need to wait or maybe were praying for the wrong reasons or motives. We need to check the purpose of our prayers. We need to evaluate if where praying for our selfish ambitions. God always hear our prayers and God answer;s a…

I Surrender To You

Lord, you have given your life for me
It's not because you want it but because you want to set me free
Free from sin the world has given
Which started from the very beginning

You have given up your being You
Because you want me to be like you
And now I can see the purpose and the reason
Because you want me to know the truth and that is to believe in you.

I surrender my life and my wealth
I surrender my selfish motives and my guilt
I have given up my life for someone I love
What more to someone who gave his life without a doubt

From now on I will take my stand according to your word
And be by your side till my life cannot hold
Everything I can think of I find in you
Believing in your promise as its always true

I lift my burden unto you
Your loving grace will see me through
For I know that when I surrender to you
My life will be renewed and became the son that you want me to

A Letter to my Heart

Dear Heart, 
You know what sometimes you are unfair. Bakit ba kailangan mong umibig sa iba kung may mahal ka na? Bakit pa kailangan mahulog sa taong bago mo lang nakilala at kayang ipagpalit ang taong matagal mo nang nakasama. Unfair ka nga talaga! Ang sabi ng utak ko sya lang ang mahal mo, ngunit ngayon di ko mo namalayan na umiibig ka na sa kanya. Pano mo ngayon masasabi na tapat ka sa kanya. Pano mo ngayon idepensa ang sarili mo at sabihing siya lang at wala nang iba. Manloloko ka! Sinungaling ka!
Sinabi mo na siya lang ang mahal mo, pero heto ngayon kaharap ko ang taong sayo ay nagpapasaya. Pano mo ngayon masasabi na ako lang kung nakikita ko sa mga ngiti mo ang saya sa tuwing kayo ay magkasama. Pano mo nakayang ako ay saktan ng ganyan. Hindi mo ba naisip na binigay ko ang lahat para lang sa ating samahan. Looser ka talaga! Nakikita ko sayong mga mata na masaya ka. Ramdam ko na kakaiba ang binigay nya na ligaya. Hindi pa kita nakikitang ganyan ka alaga sa kanya. Nakakalungkot at a…

Nocturnal Mode in Full Swing

My life will turn upside down starting today. I finally decided to move to a new company and leave the company who has been so good to me for the past 7 months. I was a call center agent for 3 years before I got promoted as an HR Specialist in my previous company. Working so late at night is easy for me but since I was promoted my life goes back to its normal routine. And now, I'm working on a graveyard shift again. Why? For some reasons: Need to earn big for some future plans. (syempre numero uno ang kaperahan dyan!)The company is offering a great training which I think, will help me grow in my chosen career (kung meron man akong career..lels).Leaving my comfort zone makes me a better person, improves my decision making and becoming strong in whatever problems encountered along the way. Since this new job requires me to work on a graveyard shift, I decided to think of many ways to make me awake during those 9 hours of working. This might not work for everybody but is a surefire …

1st Blog Anniversary

Wow! Amazing! My blog just turned 1 and I never imagined I'll reach this far. It has been a year since I started this blog, though I've been blogging for more than a year. I started blogging using multiply, friendster, livejournal and some others until I finally decided to have this blog as my first and very own. I could not imagine how and what this blog been through.

My dear followers and readers, please accept my apologies as I don't have anything right now to give back to you. As you can see I don't have any contest or any give aways to give as my THANK YOU for your undying love and support for my blog. Shame on me!


Having my first blog anniversary is overwhelming. In a span of one year, this blog grows unexpectedly.
In just one year, A Boy Named Xander has been recognized by fellow bloggers and followed by a well respected blogger in the country.Meet other bloggers who eventually became my blogger friends. My confidante, mentors and critics. Have a new…

Subic’s Swell Bar and Café: A great place to dine and chill

Subic is a popular tourist destination for visitors coming from a crowded Manila and even a destination spot for people from around the globe. A lot of travelers want to go and loosen up in a place where they can be themselves specially after indulging in a very hot summer activities. Well, Swell Bar and Cafe offers a diverse experience for travelers who wants to situate in a relaxing place either to meet friends for a drink or just to dine and eat. It's the best place for rendezvous or if you just want to unwind and be alone.

Swell Bar and Cafe has a prominent position along Waterfront Road Subic Bay Freeport Zone which aims to provide  exceptional facilities and service in beautiful surroundings with stunning sea view from their indoor and outdoor spaces. Swell is truly a unique business, property and location.
          The outside part of Swell gives you the impression that its a great place to chill. There is no feeling of intimidation when you enter the bar as it ha…

Power of Love