Nocturnal Mode in Full Swing

My life will turn upside down starting today. I finally decided to move to a new company and leave the company who has been so good to me for the past 7 months. I was a call center agent for 3 years before I got promoted as an HR Specialist in my previous company. Working so late at night is easy for me but since I was promoted my life goes back to its normal routine. And now, I'm working on a graveyard shift again. Why? For some reasons:
  • Need to earn big for some future plans. (syempre numero uno ang kaperahan dyan!)
  • The company is offering a great training which I think, will help me grow in my chosen career (kung meron man akong career..lels).
  • Leaving my comfort zone makes me a better person, improves my decision making and becoming strong in whatever problems encountered along the way.
Since this new job requires me to work on a graveyard shift, I decided to think of many ways to make me awake during those 9 hours of working. This might not work for everybody but is a surefire ways to keep you awake and alive till the cock crows and beyond. 


 How to do it: 

Go and find someone who is as sleepy as you. Surprise him/her with a slap as strong as you like. This is a great way to wake him or her up and I'm sure he/she will surely fire back at you. And when commotions starts everyone on the floor will also awake. So everybody is awake and nobody is sleeping. Nice right? Hahaha.

If you are hypertensive and caffeine is your number enemy, you might want to try this very efficient and effective way to stay alive. This is very self explanatory. 

Requirements: Ears, toothpicks

All you need to do is to get a toothpick and then pinch your ear, scream in agony and feel the sleep melt away. Easy right?


Get a 3 cups of coffee in the pantry and 3 bottles of energy drink (cobra, extra joss, etc.). Mix ingredients in a liter jug. Shake, chug and do a little dance while mixing it. I believe most people working at night are caffeine immune already and I think drink a cup of coffee wont keep you awake for long hours. You can drink cups of coffee but then doze off after a few minutes.

Mixing coffee and energy drink will surely keep you awake like a firefly. BE CAREFUL though that your blood pressure might hit its limit. Nonetheless, you will be as perky as a high school student and ready to confront those irate callers. Kaya ingat lang po at wag pasobra.

Requirements: Needles or Pins, Lemons or Kalamansi (para mas matapang)

How to do it:
  • Prick yourself using the needle or pin
  • Squeeze kalamansi on it
  • Grimace in pain
This is better than a thousand caffeine jolts. If you happened to know and read the story of Ibong Adarna? This is what the prince did to stay alive and capture that mythical bird. So go and try it yourself, para makita mo hinahanap mo. Lels. This will also keep you away from getting caught snooring while you sleep on the middle of your shift.

Anyways, those are just some funny things to think when working at night. I know its hard to change our body clock but hopefully I can adjust so I can live a normal/not-so-normal life. 

Goodluck to me!



  1. hahahaha, nice tips. it made me laughed. tnx

  2. hanep sa ideas! hahaha welcome back sa graveyard shift! yehey! saya! pareho na tayong panggabi hahaha

  3. hahahaha.. ganun talaga..

    @Bino -- oo panggabi na tayo

    @AXL -- thanks..

  4. @MG --pampawala ng antok yan hahaha

  5. takte, naimagin ko talaga yung the nip. hanggsaket pootek!

  6. goodluck sa new greener pastures.

    Ahahah. Kulet nung tusukin at lagyan kalamansi. Gising diwa mo talaga dun

  7. that's what i didn't like about the call center, the night shift. i didn't last long, lol!

  8. haha magawa nga yan sa thesis namen.. Hatawin ko yung mukha ng kagroup ko (hindi na sampalin eh haha).. GOOD LUCK sa baong shift!

  9. natawa ko sa kalamansi.naaalala ko pa yun sa ibong adarna. yung dayap naman.

    happy 1st blog anniversary xander!!!

  10. congrats and hope you will be happy on your new job and new environment.

    hmm balik vampire ulit gising sa gabi tulog sa araw hehehehe

  11. haha...buti nalang wala pa kaming shifting ng sched... 8am to 5pm padin pasokkkkk. wuhhoooo (:

    hehe :))

  12. xander boy! ano yan work na yan aber?! God bless...

  13. haha! Natawa naman ako sa pricking yourself with neddle tapos may kalamansi. Bigla ko tuloy naalala ang kuwento ng Ibong Adarna hehehe

    Good luck sa bagong work, Xander. Magpakitang-gilas agad :)

  14. Maraming maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat..

  15. Nice words dude.. ganda ng mga tips mo, hahahaha.. Anyway, ganda ng template mo ah...

    Ikaw ba gumawa nito?

    Can you teach me how to make it on my blog?


  16. Maraming salamat po sa inyo na bumati.

    @Tim-- sa blogspot lang din ang template na ito..


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