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The Sipit Love Story

We found love in a hopeless place right? So the story below is a very unusual story about a girl and a boy hanging in a tenter (Sampayan in Tagalog). 
Let's just name the lovers Shing and Julius. The ever sweet lovers.

THE LOVERS: Shing (Orange Clip) and Julius (Maroon Clip)
Shing and Julius were together for over three years now. They promise to love each other till death separate them apart. One day, Shing met Rodney (Gray clip). Equally handsome as Julius but more mature about everything. Shing and Rodney became friends and in a short period of time, something blossomed between them. An unexpected love.

Few more months and so Shing finally felt love over Rodney. She thinks Rodney is the right guy for her. So she finally confronted Julius and tell her the truth. And so Julius, was devastated and broken. He decided to let her go as she wanted Shing to be happy. He was crying over the lost of her beloved Shing but beyond the hurt he was curious about this guy Rodney. He&…

In the Midst of the Storm

Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning. - Psalm 30:5
Our country faced another very difficult situation. We were again flooded and some of our Kababayans were affected by this unfortunate event. Despite the wrath of Maring washed out the things we build, our houses and some of us lost our loved ones yet we stand still and remain faithful to the one who sits on the throne, GOD. 
I remember the song by Bob Fitts, entitled You are so Faithful that says:
In the midst of the storm Through the wind and the wave You'll still be faithful When the sun refuse to shine and the time is no more You'll still be faithfull You'll still be faithfull, Lord.
I believe that everything happens for a reason. And I also believe that if something has been taken from us, greater things will be given. 
I may not be able to help those who are in need during this tragic moment but by prayers and petition and solemn supplication, I am able to help them by God's grace and mercy. 

Left Behind


Bitbit ni Andrea ang basang tuwalya at batya na may maligamgam na tubig. Inabot niya ito kay Noel. Piniga ni Noel ang tuwalya at pinahid sa noo at mukha ni Claire. Palaisipan pa rin kay Andrea kung sino si Claire sa buhay ni Noel. Nilinis ni Noel ang dumi at tuyong dugo sa mukha ni Claire. Maganda si Claire. May pagka mestisa siya. May luha sa mga mata ni Noel habang nakatitig sa tulog na Claire. 
"Noel?" Ang tanong ni Andrea. 
"Halos isang taon ko siyang hinanap. Ang buong akala ko patay na siya. Hindi ko alam kung anong nangyari sa kanya. Hindi ko alam kung bakit bigla siyang nawala nang walang paliwanag. "Noel, anong ugnayan meron kayo ni Claire?" Ang matapang na tanong ni Andrea. 
"Si Claire ay... siya ang... kasintahan ko."
"Huh!?"..Pano nangyari...?

"Andrea, hayaan mo muna ako magpaliwanag. Mahirap din sa akin ito. Hindi ko inaasahan na makikita ko siya sa ganitong sitwasyon."…

The Ride

Do you know where you are going?
I always asked myself that question but I cannot find an answer. I see myself going in  a different directions for so many years. One road directs me to become ambitious, so focus and self centered while the other, me as a free-spirited human being, one who is happy-go-lucky, never care about what tomorrow brings. 
Funny as it may sound but choosing the right road to travel is a tough one. We do not know if the road we will choose will lead us into someone that we want to be or will give us what we are looking for. We do not know what lies ahead. All we know is that feeling of assurance that what we choose is the right one for us. And so, we travel that road. And we start to hope that our journey to that road will reach our destination.

But you know what, who cares about the destination. What matters is the journey and the joy and fun while traveling. That will make us a better person. The stumbling blocks, road blocks, and the dirty path will make us …


Lugmok sa hapis na karagatan Hila-hila sa kailaliman ng karukhaan Isang barkong lulan ang pag-asa na maasahan Byahe ay palayo sa buhay na kinasadlakan
Inabot ang kamay ng kapitang sakay Maamo ang mukha at may kapayapaang taglay
Batid ko ang kanyang pagkadalisay
Pagtitiwala at pag-asa ay muling nabuhay

Sumalipadpad sa karagatang walang katiyakan
Ngunit pag-asa ay naramdaman
Pasasalamat at kaluwalhatian
Sayo lamang ilalaan