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Pictures of the Day #1: You're Such an Illusion

NOTE: Pictures posted on this entry is not solely owned by the author. Pictures are taken from the internet posted on this blog so the author can share and give his comments about what he sees as interesting, funny, inspiring and challenging pictures.
     I was browsing the internet when I came across this picture of black and white lines. At first, I find it meaningless and for me what's with the black and white lines anyways? But after I looked at the picture the nth time, it amazed me that its an illusion. Funny that I didn't realized that it has a code or something. It might be an important code that people can use to free someone. Lol. Anyways, try to check the picture below and tell me if you can see something from the black and white lines. If you cant see it, try again. Its a good eye exercise. Lol.
Picture # 1
     The second picture catches my attention and really gives my brain something to work on. Before you look or stare at the picture, please count how many c…

Ang Mantsadong Salamin

Ako'y nabighani sa ganda ng aking nakita nang pumasok ako sa banyo kaninang umaga. Maliligo na sana ako ng may nakita akong bahaghari sa dingding ng banyo. Habang nakaupo ako sa aking trono at inilalabas ang aking galit at puot, nakatitig pa din ang aking mga mata na tila ba hindi kayang mawala ang ganda ng bahaghari. Nagtataka ako kung san galing ang bahaghari'ng paminsan lamang bumungad sa aking umaga. Nagmasid ako at inusyoso ang buong paligid ng banyo. Tiningnan bawat sulok at sinundan ang liwanag na pinagmulan ng bahaghari. 
     Humanga ako sa aking nakita na ang liwanag na pinagmulan ng bahaghari na yun ay mula sa madungis at nang-gigitata na salamin ng bintana ng banyo. Hindi ko lubos maisip na ang salaming ganito kadumi at makakbuo ng isang ganito ka gandang tanawin. Sabagay ang liwanag na nagmula sa araw na tumama sa salamin ang syang naging dahil kung bakit nabuo ang isang napakagandang likha ng Diyos. Napaisip ako at napabuntong hininga na kahit ang mga bagay p…

Can You Reach My Friend?

I was searching some documents this morning when I ran into this old script from one of our musical play at church. The musical is about friendship. In fact the title of that christian musical is Friends Forever. I scanned each pages while I reminisced the time that me and my best friend where still together "as friends". The time that we can share anything without any doubt, fear or what others would say. I quoted "as friends" because there was a time when I almost lost her. There was a time when we let go of the years and the things we've been together. Its the time when we stop calling as friends. Its the time when I thought I will lose her for the rest of my life. I cannot really tell in complete details about what happened, maybe in the future, but its something that I regret it happened to us. Its something that I didn't consider before doing such stupid things.
     Anyways, this entry is not about regrets and about failed friendship promises, b…

The Holes in the Fence

When I was still teaching four years ago, I realized that I easily lost my temper specially when  my students don't follow the rules inside the classroom. Every morning, I always got angry to students who goes to school late and no assignment. This has been going on for 3 years. Anger corrupted my heart. With my temper, I hurt a lot of people even my colleagues. On my way home, I got the chance to talk to our carpenter as the chairs in my classroom needs to be fixed. He figured out that I am kinda irritated and angry at that time.  He ask me, "Is there something wrong Sir?" " Well, yes! I easily gets angry and lost my temper because of small things and sometimes I am unreasonable." I replied. "Well, I wish I can do something about it." He said.But here's a bag of nails and a hammer. Everytime you lost your temper, hammer a nail in the fence." He continued.      I wonder what's the point of hammering a nail in the fence. But I did still …

Lesson Learned In A Pet Shop

The class ended early at 3PM for my new hire orientation in my new job. I decided to take a walked going home which is about 30 minutes away from my working place. Since storm Juan is coming, so the sun is not up instead wind caressed me with love and care when I got out from the building. I saw a lot of people going in and out of the building while others are walking fast, probably they don't want to get into trouble when storm "Juan" reach Manila today. Since I had the guts that it will still not rain, so might as well take a few walks going home. I put my headset on to put some beats while walking home, its my way of getting myself to relax and think about things while walking. 
     On my way home, I saw a mom and a boy, who is I think about 7 or 8 years old, went inside a pet shop. I decided to go inside since animals has a very big space in my heart (except for spiders and snakes though! My eyes tried to browse on which particular area will I start look…

The Room In The White Court

I had a very strange dream last night. Dream that I never had in my entire life. Dream that made me realize about life, about relationships and about me as a person and who am I and what my purpose are in this world. Dream that made me believe that there is someone greater in this world and that someone lives in me. 
I was standing in front of a very unique building in a place where I don't know where.  The beauty of that building is incomparable. It's a four storey building, white in color. It was a very cold night that the only choice I have is to go inside that building It  seems that my feet were driven forward to enter that building. I saw the sign outside and it said: The White Court.

I was walk inside; I can only see mirrors and myself as a reflection. On the left side of it is an elevator. I move closer to the elevator as my curiosity drives me to go and check what's in that building. As the elevator opened, I can smell very unique incense, one of its kinds. Smell…

Takot Mo! Takot Ko! Takot Nating Lahat!

Tumunog ang relo sa may uluhan ko bandang alas syeta kaninang umaga. Masarap akong humimlay sa karimlan kagabi kaya naman ay masaya kugn binuka ng bahagya ang akong mga mata, habang ang sikat ng araw ay tumama sa aking mga pisngi. Dinahan-dahan kung binuklat ang kaing mga mata habang dahan-dahan akong bumangon sa aking higaan. Binuksan ko ang kulay kayumangging tabing ng bintana upang masilayan ang kagandahan ng umaga. Sa di kalayuan napansin ko na para bang may kung anong gumagalaw sa salamin ng bintana, gumagalaw paitaas at papalapit sa aking kinatatayuan. Hinay-hinay na inikot ang aking mga ulo at tinuon ang mga mata sa bagay na gumagalaw. Mabilis ang kilos nito at para bang hinihila ako papalapit sa kanya. Dinilat ko ang mga mata upang makitang mabuti ang bagay na iyon. Pumasok sa isip ko na sana naman hindi ito yung isang bagay na kinatatakutan ko. Dinahan-dahan na nilingun ang ulo at binuksan ang mga mata upang makita ang kung ano man ang bagay na gumagalaw. BUmulaga sa isi…

Simula ng Pagbabago...

Okay, so unang araw ko sa bago kung trabaho. Nakakakaba. Nakakatakot. Para akong estudyanteng unang pumasok sa elementarya, my very first school day. Ito yong klase ng pakiramdam na parang natatae ka na hindi naman. Nakakapanibago. May halong kunting kaba at maraming maraming excitement. May hating tuwa. Galak. At kung ano-ano pang mga halo halong pakiramdam. 
     Maaga akong dumating sa bago kung opisina, mga 30 minutes before ng scheduled time ng aking pagpasok. Pa-empress baga sa bago kung Boss at mga bagong kasama. Pagkadating ko sa reception area ng gusali namin, agad bumungad sa akin si Manong Guard at tinanong agad ako kung saan ang ID ko, ang sabi ko naman na bagong salta ako sa kumpanya at unang araw ko kaya wala pa akong ID. Sinamahan ako ni Manong Guard sa Frontdesk para bigyan ng Temporary ID, habang masayang inabot ng babae sa Frontdesk ang Temporary ID ko. 
      Pagkatapos nun ay umakyat na ako sa 8th floor kung saan naghihintay ang boss ko. Nakakapanibago. Naniniba…

A Lesson From The Soap

I was about to take a shower this morning when I found two different soap in the bathroom drawer. The other one is the cheap version where you can buy in the market, while the other one is expensive, the one that is endorses by big and well know people in the country and even abroad. I was thinking of using the expensive one but rather choose to try them both. Shower is always a comfort for me. This is where I have all the time to be alone and see things differently. Every time I'm inside the bathroom it seems like its a different world for me. I can create a different dimension inside my mind. And most importantly, this is the time I can be myself and think things that happened yesterday and then find solution to make things better and exciting in the future.
Now, going back to the soap story. After I uncover the two soap and put it on the side while I'm doing my morning ritual. I turn on the shower and then starts to feel the cold water as it touches my skin. I put some sha…

After 4,000 Years Noah's Ark has been opened

We have heard about the replica of the Galleon Andalucia that just landed in the Philippines last October 5 and wll be here until October 9, 2010, basically the last day the vessel will be here. If you don't know galleon vessels has been the avenue why the world was introduce to the Philippines. 
     Another vessel that amazes me is another replica of the most historical vessel way way before Christ. This has been one of the symbol of Christianity believing that the world was once flooded to exterminate sin. In Schagen, Netherlands,  the doors of the Noah's ark has been opened once again after 4,000 years. The Ark draws curious pilgrims and townsfolk to behold the wonder. This replica was built by Dutch contractors, Johan Huibers. as a testament of his faith. This was built to show how massive the Ark was and how many animals could have been housed for a long time. It was actually built on a smaller scale so it would travel around Europe, navigating the canals, bridges …

Too Much Into Technology

I think that life would be much better and easier if we use some CTRL+ keys. Like for example, when we commit mistakes, I can use CTRL + Z so I can go back and make it right. Or maybe CTRL + X So I can cut any negative about myself or my life. Maybe, I can also use CTRL +esc, so I can start and do it all over again. 
     Then, I realized that too much into technology is not also good. I am not an anti-technology or something, but come to think of it, way way before technology starts to boom life is not that complicated. Maybe you will understand fully by looking at these pictures forwarded to me by a friend. 

     Looks funny right? But true! try mo! Hehehehe...

At the end of the day...

Hello Ladies and Gents!

This is the first day of my life and the first day that I woke up and nothing to think about.  Nothing else to do but just think and contemplate. I'm a total bummer now. I'm part of those, maybe, 50% of jobless in the country. Am I happy about it? Not, of course! Does it make me feel helpless? Partly, yes! I am helpless. But it doesn't mean I cant do anything about it.Its just one of those curve roads that you run into. A thorny and rocky road (Sarap! parang Ice cream lang!)
     Marami akong pinagdaanan sa buhay. Minsan masaya. Minsan malungkot. Minsan paghihirap. Nakikita mo man ako na nakatawa. Nakikita mo man akong masaya. Napapansin mo man na parang bang wala lang akong problema. Pero ang lahat ng iyong nakikitia ay isang imahe lamang. Imahe na aking inilarawan upang itago ang totoong nararamdaman.  Its a mask that I keep using. A mask of my past and of my present. Sabihin na natin na may mga bagay na kailang itago. May mga bagay na hindi dapa…

Things You Can Do When You Commit Mistakes

"A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. -- John C. Maxwell"   
"Mistake" is an unintentional error or misunderstanding. Its not fun to commit a boo-boo or flub, but its part of being a human. We all commit mistakes. No one in this world is perfect. When one is cornered from a mistake, it could be intentional, unintentional or an honest mistake, its hard to recover from that situation. A person who committed such mistake should be ready and prepare for what is about to come. So despite from our being careful, we should prepare from the backlash from those people who suffered from that mistake. So, What can you do when you put your foot in your mouth?


     This will stop the mistake from worsening. Instead of dancing with your mistake, own it. Apologized if it needs to. Accept the fact that a mistake has been committed. Apologized if something came out that is unintentional cruel.J…