Too Much Into Technology

     I think that life would be much better and easier if we use some CTRL+ keys. Like for example, when we commit mistakes, I can use CTRL + Z so I can go back and make it right. Or maybe CTRL + X So I can cut any negative about myself or my life. Maybe, I can also use CTRL +esc, so I can start and do it all over again. 
     Then, I realized that too much into technology is not also good. I am not an anti-technology or something, but come to think of it, way way before technology starts to boom life is not that complicated. Maybe you will understand fully by looking at these pictures forwarded to me by a friend. 

     Looks funny right? But true! try mo! Hehehehe...


  1. uu sana nga gnayan ang buhay no parang pc lang kung nagkamali ka ctrl + z lang!! nice entry :D

  2. hahaha!! nice post bro...ctrl Z for mistakes...hummm...that would be fun!

  3. Axl G. --Sana nga no ganun lang ang gagawin natin.. kaso hindi ehh..

  4. @Ronster-- oo nga ctrl Z for mistake and then erase agad.. ahehehe


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