Live A Life Like A Child

         “In every real man a child is hidden that wants to play.”  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

When I had my vacation in Davao last March, I got the chance to play and had some fun with my cousins and nephew. I love kids and sometimes, it's nice to be with them as this will transport me into a different new dimension where I can abandon my worldly concerns and just have fun with them. I love to watch them as they play with their toy cars and stick guns, pretending they are kings and queens or princess and even superheroes who will save humanity from alien invasion.

These little kids never fail me. They always give me the sense of wonder, of innocent smiles and purest laughter, of their sinless thoughts and their absolute intentions.

As grownups, this is what we lost; the childlike sense of life. This makes the world the saddest place to live. When we grow old, worldly concerns starts to corrupt our innocent smiles and we focus more on the things that take away that childlike thing in our lives. This means we forgot to live like a child.

Being a child, it’s not only about happiness and playing with toys and guns, it’s not only about laughing with their playmates but as a child we are more creative, more innovative and we open to the world of possibilities. As children we are naturally imaginative, our minds can fathom the most impossible things, we love to play and create things that is beyond compare. We always play and don’t encourage worries in our minds. None of us knows a child who thinks about world peace and the problems of the world. I do not know someone, who is a child, who is so worried about the problems of famine, war and how to resolve differences among nations. None!

Children don’t worry about money or not being cool. They are cool in their own way.

They don’t have any limit in terms of using their imagination. They are naturally creative.

They always ask... unending... they are curious.

Children always live in the present. They don't worry about what will happen tomorrow and what they eat and what they should wear. They always live today/now!

There are so many things that we should learn from being a child. Some of you, maybe, doesn't like some of their qualities, but we should learn something from them. They are the perfect people- blameless, innocent and curious.

As we grow old, these qualities are lost and were taken out of us because of what our society, perhaps, is dictating. We forgot to live like a child. It doesn't mean that we should care anymore about the world, but in some ways learn from the way they view life and we can still get something from them.


  1. masarap maging bata, walang problema at walang kinakatakutan masyado

  2. nice post! reminds me of my memorable childhood in the province...

  3. yahoo. gusto kong laging magakaroon ng batang puso.

  4. Well said. Ganun nga naman ang mga bata.. they're living for the moment.

    Masarap nga ang buhay ng isang bata.. Still, living life without thinking of the consequences, is not always good.. kasi sa panahon ngayon, na punong-puno ng injustice, dapat tayong maging aware sa ating mga ginagawa.. and think about the consequences of our actions..

    But yes, I think sometimes, we have to remember how it is like to be a kid.. life is simpler when you're a kid. And sometimes, we should learn to think like a kid.. Kapag tinatanong, diretsong sagot.. no bias. Just pure truth.

  5. true... sabi we should be child like.. because we should just be simple.. and innocent... hmmmm...

    pero basta alam ko bata pa ko.. hahahaha

  6. Salamat sa mga comments nyo.. tama kayong lahat.. weee....

  7. I miss being a responsibility.. all you have in mind is to have fun, sleep and go to school:)

  8. It's easier said than done. How to and how not to live in the presents?! .... :O

  9. Great article! Really nice. :)

    Check out my blog! FOLLOW if you like!

  10. Hey Paul! Thanks for the comment

    @SunnyToast - i agree with you..

    @Nia-- i agree as well


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