A Letter to Myself

I am writing this letter the day before I left everything behind.  I am writing this believing that everything happens for a reason and that I will live my life to the fullest. I am writing this with my mind set that life has so much to offer. I am writing this letter before my 3oth birthday. A proposal to myself that I am no longer young and that I come of age. 

I am determined that I will conquer the world as what Alexander the Great did, even better. I am positive that I will see the world in any possible way. I assure you that I will be something in the future, that I will make a difference. I do not care if my future holds something bad, what I care is today; believing and trusting that what you did today will also reflect of what will happen in the future. God holds my fate and nobody else. I believe in my maker, the one who created and knitted my inmost being. 

I am sending this letter to let you know that somehow I experienced what it’s like to live; and I will tell you that even if bad news comes along my way, I will continue to inspire people, swim the deepest sea and will continue to swim in more waters, climb the highest mountain and continue counting the stars up above because my fate is not written in stones and I must continue to live life the way I know how. 

This letter will reach me carrying the hopes that I need to have self-respect and courage. This letter will tell me that I will not cry anymore, unless joy is the reason of my tears for saying goodbye to negative thoughts and negative people who happens to hurt me along the way. This letter will tell me every day that I need to embrace new experiences and new life – one that is unknown and mysterious. One that will help me understands why things should always be that way; one that will sort out regrets and replace it with sense of self and character. 

This letter will remind me to always be ready in every battle and that I need to have the full armour as life is like a battlefield. This will also be a reminder that it’s alright to be crazy sometimes. This will remind me that I am an independent person and a very proud man with what I achieved in life so far. I know that I still have more to accomplish and that I will continue to find ways to reach make it realize. I need to remind myself that I need to always be good to myself and to others even if they are not. I will always remember my family, friends and loved one and that I wish them the best things in life. 

I wish that this letter reaches me well and that this becomes a sort of memento telling me that I need to make most out of life. A reminder that I need to make every decision as my last and if I fail with the decision I chose I will not look back and regret it. I will accept it with all my heart and that there is always a reason for improvement believing that its part of the process of who I become in the future. I will always look to the future where good things await. I will reiterate that I need to wear a smile everyday wherever I am. 



  1. A very positive letter to oneself. And this is worth keeping so in the next five or ten years, you'll have something to gauge on as to how you have fared with your desire to be a better person ;)

    Good luck sa 'yo and advance happy birthday.

    All the best.

  2. Hi Norehanon... Thanks a lot.. I agree.. this is just a remined of what I did in the fast after 5 or 10 years. So i have something to look back if I improved in life or not. Thanks!

  3. yeah ur right..evrything happens in this world has its own purpose!

  4. nice! very positive just like what nortehanon said. I agree :) blow out naman dyan hehehehe

  5. this letter will hold you accountable that there is no reason acceptable to fail.
    It's in your hand and you will get it no matter what.


  6. waaaaaaaaaahh 30 na you xander?? infairnes di halata... lol... at HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY!!!!!!! At ang kalmado ng sulat mo.. feeling ko... feeling ko... feeling ko... kontento ka na sa buhay mo... happy for you! :)

  7. that's the attitude!!! keep it up Xander!!!

  8. Salamat sa mga komento at reaction. Yes! Ill hold accountable for this letter.. This is me being positive in any way..

  9. this letter is kick ass...so now..let us sing..to the tune of....live like we're dying by kris allen..yeah! make every moment count tol ^^ my advanced greeting....happy 30th ^^

  10. SA spam ata napunta comments ko?

  11. good one xander.
    heppy bday.
    wow 30 kn pla mukhang 13 lang.. hehe

  12. @Bonbon-- nakks.. talaga? hahah nice naman.. hahah

  13. honestly, i cried while reading this letter...a very positive one indeed and inspiring!


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