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I Support: End Hunger, Walk The World

I was browsing my old photo albums in my account in when I saw this old picture of me and my officemates taken last 2009. This picture was taken when we participated in the End Hunger, Walk The World campaign by World Food Program. The pictures reminded me that once in my life I participated in a worldwide event that helped a lot of people specially children who doesn't have the opportunity or was deprived of their rights to eat and given sufficient food.
I was watching TV last night when Star Patrol, a segment from TV Patrol News Program of ABS-CBN, featured KC Concepcion just came back from her world trip. She is the National Ambassador for Against Hunger under UN World Food Program. My interest in participating and joining events likes this moved up to the next level. For this year, I do my best to participate more in any events that will help other people. Its' not only this particular campaign but also the ones like helping Save Mother Earth, Takbo Para sa …

If I Could Just Live My Life Over

I would have spend more time with my family than spending time with myself and with people I just met.
I would have dance in the rain than just watching it.
I would have talked less and listen more.
I would have spend more time at church than going to bars, malls, restaurants which makes me grow physically than making my soul grow in faith.
I would have given more time to those people close to my heart than gave more time at work.
I would have invited friends to go out with me sometimes than pretending that I can be alone and be happy, alone.
Instead of crying over something that's lost, I would have enjoyed and praised for it not because I'm hurting but because there is something better for me ahead.
There would be more "i love you's"  and "I'm sorry's" than "i hate you's".
Instead of cursing, there would be more praising and rejoicing. There would be more appreciation of small little things in life than murmuring.
I would have …

Moving On. Moving Out. Moving In.

Sometimes moving on to something that we've been through is hard specially if the impact is too big to handle. Its hard when you deal with your emotions and then at the moment your in the middle of it you don't know what to do until such time you'll just do stupid things and then later on you'll just realized that you've made the biggest mistake in your life.
"When was the last time I've made the greatest move in my life?".
I was wondering...
Maybe it's when I moved out from Davao for Makati because of a job offer that I cannot just say "NO". It's also the time that I transferred to a new company after 5 years of wonderful experience in my previous company.
Moving On is not that easy. It,s like moving out away from your comfort zone. Its like moving out from the four corners of your wall and you don't know what lies ahead outside of that walls.It's like getting away from your usual or daily routine and try ano…

Paghihintay at Pagkakataon

"Ang puso natin ay napapagod din. Ngunit hindi ibig sabihin na kapag pagod  ay sadyang susuko sa PAGTIBOK at umasang MAGMAMAHAL muli."
Sa bawat pagdaan ng mga araw. Sa bawat pag ikot ng mundo. Ilang puso na ang nasaksihan kung sawi at bigo. Ilang beses na akong sumubok na umibig, ngunit sadya nga kayang hindi para sa akin ang pag-ibig' Inakala na ang pag-ibig sa nakaraan ang pinaka masayang nangyari sa buhay ko, ngunit ito pala ang pinakamasakit. 
Ilang beses nang nasaktan at iniwan. Ngunit hindi ibig sabihin ay hanggang dun na lang. Hindi nangangahulugan na ang puso ay hihinto at susuko. 
Sa bawat paglalakbay ko sa kalye ng pag-ibig, ilang kaalaman ang aking natutunan. Mga kaalaman na kailan man ay di ko makakalimutan.
Nasaktan kaman sa ngayon,. Bukas ikaw ay babangon at taas-noo mong sasabihin na sa bawat pagkakataon  na ikaw ay nasaktan masasabi mong ikaw at naging matapang.
Wala kang karapatang MAGMAHAL kung hindi ka handang MASAKTAN ang baon sa tuwing ako'y naglalakb…

The Law Of The Seed

We all know that most seed never grow. For one apple tree to bear 500 apples, you need 10 seeds. 
I was so inspired by the principle of the seed. Some seeds never really grow. Some beautiful seeds die too. In life it also means that we cannot do it in one shot. Say for example, in finding a job, you need to attend 20 interviews to get the position or job you really want. It means not giving up if you did not pass the first interview. It means to try and try until you get the right position for you.
It's also applicable in terms of finding the right person. You need to meet 1000 acquaintances to meet the perfect partner. It doesn't mean that because you are brokenhearted today you will stop loving, you will stop that feeling of being love and then hate love forever. 
It's also the same with what's happening in a call center. As an agent, you need to get 100 calls to get sell the product you are offering to your customers. Unless you are lucky enough to get a good sale in …

Questions You Should Ask To Find A Lifetime Partner

I've been dreaming that one day I'll settle down with the person I will consider as my lifetime partner. I was praying that someday, the right person will come. I've been searching for that right person but failure keeps hunting me. There are those who come along my way whom I thought are the right one but then in the end its not the one for me. I thought looking for that someone is the answer. I thought that waiting is the best way to find that lifetime partner but then again, I'm wrong. I should start by looking on the other side, by asking questions that give clear answers.
I began searching for answers about, Why love has to end? How to find a perfect partner? How will I know that this is the right person for me... and the question goes on and on...
Well, I was shuttered by the truth that I was asking the wrong questions. Maybe I should start asking this 4 questions for me to find a Lifetime partner. Maybe, you too, would like to ask this to yourselves. This questio…

The Juice That's Made From Real Juicy Pulp

I just drank a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy. They say it’s got ‘no preservatives added’. Aw, c’mon…It’s bottled juice. Is that even possible? So I thought maybe... they're correct. The moment I tasted it, i can even feel the juicy pulp crushed inside my mouth. Really true! Amazing! I cant believe it that there is a juice like Minute Maid. Try it!
I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it’s got no preservatives added. So I read the ingredients (even the fine print) and everything checked out! It really has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED! That means it doesn’t have ingredients that may turn out to be allergens, or worse...carcinogens! Whew! Now that’s healthy goodness that tastes so good, I... really cant imaging that a juice like this exist. All drink contained in a bottle have preservatives added into it. But when you try and tasted Minute Maid, its just really unbelievable that the taste really is like real orange juice. A real heaven sent. So okay, it’s got no preservatives added. …

Stress-Free Life

Makati City, Philippines -- As I looked back on the journey I had last 2010; it always put a smile on my face. The first quarter of 2010 sailed smoothly not until last October 2010 when I've decided to trransfer to a new company. I am working in a BPO as an HRIS Sr. Specialist by the way. My work usually does reporting. Basically we send out and generate reports for different department in the company whether its for local or overseas. A lot of my friends asked me why the last quarter of the year? Well, God showed me the way for that. It's a decision that didn't go overnight. It's God's will should I say.
Anyways, when I started in the new company, I already expected that a huge stress will come along the way (parang Plants vs. Zombies lang! A huge wave of zombies is approaching). As I've expected it, it arrived. On my first month at work, my team mate (we're only two in the team, aside from our Sr. Manager who is our Superior) need to take her Maternity le…

Napagkamalan Na Naman

Ilang beses ka na ba napagkamalan?

Habang busy ako sa pag uupdate ng blog ko, heto at biglang may nag pop up na chat message sa facebook ko. Nung tinignan ko, nabigla ako kasi first time itong nag message sa akin. Hindi ko sya kilala actually, pero nasa facebook friends ko sya. Ganun nga siguro talaga nung sumikat ang facebook natuwa ako at inadd ko lahat ng gusto makipag friends sa akin kaya heto yung ibang nasa friends list ko eh di ko kilala.

Anyways nag message sya at nag great ng "Happy New Year!".

"same to you" ang mabilis kung reply.

Napukaw ang attention ko sa mga sumunod na message nya.

Oh diba, nakakapukaw ng attention.

Palagi lang akong napagkakamalan ng ex ng iba. Minsan naman napagkamalan ako ng kalaguyo ng isang may asawa habang naglalakad ako sa mall.

Napaisip tuloy ako kung ang pagmumukha ko ba ay sobrang maraming kapareha? O di naman kaya sadyang ako talaga ang mga ex nila di ko lang alam.

Nakakatuwang isipin na sa pamamagitan ng maliit naming u…

Coffee Drinkers At Ang Echusero

Sa Starbucks, Ayala Avenue Makati City, Philippines -- Habang nakatambay sa Starbucks at hinihigop ang paborito kung Coffee Jelly ay kapansin pansin ang bawat tao na pumapasok sa pintuan ng Starbucks. Dahil na rin sa nakaupo ako malapit na pintuan eh naaaninag ko ng mabuti ang pagmumukha ng bawat tao na pumapasok. Habang tumatakbo ang oras at mahaba na din ang oras na ginugol ko sa loob, napansin ko na ibat-ibang klase ng tao ang pumapasok sa "Pambansang Kapehan ng Bayan". Minsan lang ako nagkakape dito dahil medyo may kamahalan para sa akin. Andito lang ako kapag may nanlibre sa akin o di naman kaya ay may extra money ako pang kape. Well, most of us loves coffee. Mapa brewed coffee man yan o kapeng may halong ka-echusan. Kapeng barako or yung brown coffee na sikat na ngayon.
Dahil most of us loves coffee nga, ibat-ibang klaseng tao din ang nagkakape dito sa Starbucks.
UNA, ang pinaka napansin ko ay yung mga taga Call Center. Mga taong tulog sa umaga at gising sa gabi. Since…

You Are Special

MAKATI, Philippines -- Habang nagpuputukan na sa labas at busy ang lahat sa pagsalubong sa bagong taon. Ako naman, heto nakaharap sa laptop, nag iisip at nagmumuni kung anong makabuluhang bagay ang gagawin ko sa pagdating ng bagong taon na ito.  Habang nakikinig ng musika ang kanan kung taenga at ang kaliwa naman ay nakatuon sa balita sa telebisyon, ang utak ko naman ay nag-iisip ng mga bagay-bagay. Madami akong naiisip. Namimiss ko pamilya ko. Wala ako sa kaarawan ng kapatid ko sa araw na ito, technically kahapon ang birthday nya kasi January 1, 2011 na tayo ngayon. Maraming akong gustong gawin na di ko naman magagawa.
Anyways, since napagod na ako sa kakaisip at naiingayan na din ako sa paputok at nalilito na ang taenga ko sa kakapakinig ng balita at musika, naisipan kung dumungaw sa bintana at panoorin na lang mga mga taong nagpaputok at naglalaro sa labas ng bahay namin. Habang nakatingin sa labas ng bintana, napatingala ako sa langit at napasabing,
"Salamat, Panginoon dahil …