If I Could Just Live My Life Over

I would have spend more time with my family than spending time with myself and with people I just met.

I would have dance in the rain than just watching it.

I would have talked less and listen more.

I would have spend more time at church than going to bars, malls, restaurants which makes me grow physically than making my soul grow in faith.

I would have given more time to those people close to my heart than gave more time at work.

I would have invited friends to go out with me sometimes than pretending that I can be alone and be happy, alone.

Instead of crying over something that's lost, I would have enjoyed and praised for it not because I'm hurting but because there is something better for me ahead.

There would be more "i love you's"  and "I'm sorry's" than "i hate you's".

Instead of cursing, there would be more praising and rejoicing.
There would be more appreciation of small little things in life than murmuring.

I would have taken the time to listen to my mother's ramble about how she is during her youth.

I would have given my extra money to those in need than to spend it in spa's, parlor's and saloon's to just to make myself look good outside. Instead making myself feel good and look good inside.

I would have sang with my friends than cried out.

I would have never bought anything because of I just like it.

I would have more water intake than softdrinks.

Will not worry about who doesn't like me.

Will not get jealous because they have good stuff/material things.

I would have gone to bed to take a rest than pretending and let the world see that I am strong and can stand for hours/days.

I would have dive and swim the deepest see than just watching it from the seashore.

     Well, If I could live my life over, I would surely make a good shot. But we don't have a Live Menu where we can press any button that we like. There is no rewind button in life. We can't just press it every time we want to change it. What happened in the past is already part of our history. It's over.

     I didn't regret anything about my past. I became a better person because of what happened behind. Maybe the best thing to do is to move on and do much more better than what we did before. In life we only have one shot. So we should take every chances that we have and then have fun with it because we can never get back what we left behind. Give your best shot today buddy and don't let it pass you!

A blessed day everyone!


  1. God Bless You Xander :) lessons learned. ahaha.

  2. aww. too bad, you cannot bring back time.. go lang ng go.

  3. If I Could Just Live My Life Over.... i would like to stay as a kid... hehe... wala lang. gusto ko lang balikan ang pagkabata ko.

    nice post. tinamaan ako sa iba. ahaha

  4. Pana-panahon ng pagkakataon, maibbalik ba ang kahapon...Lumilipas ang panahon....bukas ko na lang icontinue ang kanta!

    Anyways, naiintindihan din kita pareng Xander, sometimes napaisip ako on way to bring back the past, kasi sometimes I regret sa mga ginagawa ko, but you are correct, with all those mistakes you did in the past make you a better person sa ngayon! Two thumbs up for this post!

  5. @Jhiegz-- hahaha may kanta talaga? nice one

  6. hindi pa naman huli ang lahat papa xander. maari pang gawin yan. pero at least, reminder na rin to para sa ibang makakabasa nito. :)

  7. @Desperate Houseboy -- papa xander talaga? hahha.. oo nga tama ka dyan

  8. masarap din balikan ang nakalipas lalo na kung may mali kang nagawa na gusto mo'ng itama. pero sakin, i don't have any mistakes but only lessons to be learned. God bless :)

  9. Awesome post, thank God that you don't have to live your life over due to regrets, but you have enough wisdom to make the best of the life God has given you:)

  10. nice post xander, never regret the past... They helped you became a better person :D Para lang yang pencil at sharpener, ikaw yung pencil na dumadaan sa sharpener... At least after ng hirap... isa ka ng magandang pencil ulit :D GOD BLESS :D

  11. @Bino- tama tama

    @Toyin -- yes i agre.. Thanks God for every opportunity He has given. Every action that we did in the past is considered lessons learned.

  12. @Biboy-- thanks for the comment.. i agree.. parang pencil lang din yan.. thanks

  13. nice one... sabi nga nila... always learn on your exposure not on the experience kasi yung sa experience lang ang pag-uusapan dapat alam sa sarili mo na napagdaan ko na to bakit ko pa uulitin di ba.. so its a exposure kung saan napagdaan muna siya pero pilit mong ginagawang maayos at maging matatag :D

  14. hmm... parang naalala ko tuloy ung movie ni Adam Sandler na "Click"... maganda ang theme ng movie.. related sa post mo.. if only... those "if's" and "only's"...well, we can't turn back time but we can definitely do something about our present... to be better... :)

    To GOD be the glory till eternity! :)


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