I Support: End Hunger, Walk The World

I was browsing my old photo albums in my account in webshots.com when I saw this old picture of me and my officemates taken last 2009. This picture was taken when we participated in the End Hunger, Walk The World campaign by World Food Program. The pictures reminded me that once in my life I participated in a worldwide event that helped a lot of people specially children who doesn't have the opportunity or was deprived of their rights to eat and given sufficient food.

I was watching TV last night when Star Patrol, a segment from TV Patrol News Program of ABS-CBN, featured KC Concepcion just came back from her world trip. She is the National Ambassador for Against Hunger under UN World Food Program. My interest in participating and joining events likes this moved up to the next level. For this year, I do my best to participate more in any events that will help other people. Its' not only this particular campaign but also the ones like helping Save Mother Earth, Takbo Para sa Kalaikasan, Fun Run and some others. Anything that will promote our environment, good health, helping people etc., I will do my best to be on the list. 


This is actually an annual event to raise money and awareness of World Food Program's effort to fight child malnutrition and hunger. This is a joint effort and its corporate partners, led by TNT, Unilever and DSM. Employees from this company walk with WFP Ambassadors, staff and beneficiaries as well as government and NGO partners to show solidarity in the fight against hunger and malnutrition. 

The succeeding pictures below shows me and my friends participated in the even last 2009,. We are not the one being feed by this event. We just look hungry but were healthy.  Lol. My previous employer participated in this event so we got the chance to join and unite with the world.
Strike a pose before the event starts
Its End the world for them! haha

Pose again..while walking..

The crowd
To know more about their past activities and upcoming events, you can check this website: http://www.wfp.org

This particular post is my way of showing support and encouragement to everyone who wants to help. I am not connected with WFP in anyway. This is just my way of saying that I support them and I believe in their advocacy in helping children around the globe. After all, "I believe the children are our future".


  1. sana makaexperience din ako ng ganyan balang araw.. mukhang masaya eh and enjoy.... :)

  2. yan, ayos. kapatid ng latest post ko yan :)

  3. check out my latest post :) i've a surprise for you :) ahehe.

  4. @Nowitzki - thanks!

    @Desperate houseboy -- salamat naman ng marami,.,.

  5. napanood ko din ung experience ni KC sa Uganda. grabe! ang hirap ng bansa na yun. maganda tong post mo parekoy :)

  6. wow thats cool.. sana matry ko din minsan yan :D

  7. @Bino-- salamat Bino..

    @AXL -- thanks try mo din.. masaya..

  8. ang haba nung comment ko pero di ko alam bakit nag-hang ang computer ko at hindi ko magawang magcomment sayo...

    so anyway.... sabi ko nga achievement yung mga ganitong bagay..kase totoo lang ayuko namimigay sa mga pulube at only to find out sa huli na pambibili lang nila ng sigarilyo.. at least ito fund na mapupunta sa tama... kaya saludo ako sayo...

  9. @Kamila -- tama ka dyan.. salamat naman sa pag komento

  10. In my opinion, the only way to end poverty and hunger here in the Philippines is for the politicians to stop their corruption and give the people what we "blue collars" pay for taxes. Hindi yung nakaka-kain na nga sila ng 3 beses isang araw, dapat sa matayog na restaurant pa.


  11. this is kinda out of place but what is the difference between your two blogs?

  12. @Innocent -- the other one is kinda more on tagalog. But honestly, i havent updated it that much not like this one.. thanks innocent


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