Moving On. Moving Out. Moving In.

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Sometimes moving on to something that we've been through is hard specially if the impact is too big to handle. Its hard when you deal with your emotions and then at the moment your in the middle of it you don't know what to do until such time you'll just do stupid things and then later on you'll just realized that you've made the biggest mistake in your life.


"When was the last time I've made the greatest move in my life?".

I was wondering...

Maybe it's when I moved out from Davao for Makati because of a job offer that I cannot just say "NO". It's also the time that I transferred to a new company after 5 years of wonderful experience in my previous company.

Moving On is not that easy. It,s like moving out away from your comfort zone. Its like moving out from the four corners of your wall and you don't know what lies ahead outside of that walls.It's like getting away from your usual or daily routine and try another ways and means to survive. It's like stop eating your favorite food and then you just want to go on a diet. It's like deactivating your facebook or twitter account and just start a life away from internet. 

Moving on means adjustment and facing your greatest challenge. It means accepting new things in life and trying to be a better person in the future. 

But before we can completely moved on.. we should first move out some things.


To completely moved on, we should moved out some things. We should remove negative thoughts and negative vibes. If you are hurt, eliminate those people who caused you pain. Remove things that will remind you of those painful experience. Take it away from your system and your blood. Its a matter of how willing you are to take it out for you to completely moved on.


Allow other people to come into your life. Try now experience. Explore. Go out with friends. Love your family more. Love yourself more than anything. It's having the right perspective in life. If your aiming to a big change you should be ready and accept anything that comes along your way whether its good or bad.


  1. love this post. moving on is part of our lives. may masabi lang :)

  2. naks. tamang perspective lang yan, ika mo nga :) ahaha. i certainly know what you mean. mahirap talaga kapag lumalabas tayo sa comfort zone natin. but i guess it's the only way for us to grow :)

    nakatulong sya in relation dun sa 'natatanga' kong post :) ahehe. salamat :)

  3. dapat sa pag move on ay kalimtan na ng tuluyan ang nakaraan..

  4. gawain ko yan..ang moving on... pag hindi nagtatagumpay..move on try mo ibang bagay naman...

  5. @Bino-- thanks for loving it.. i also love

    @Nowitzki -- nice naman.. may connection ang mga post natin..great.

    @Arvin- oo nga dapat ganun..kalimutan ang panget na nakaraan ngunit iwanan ang mga masasayang bagay sa nakaraan.

    @Moks-tama ka dyan!

  6. i love it,,, thank you for this...


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