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Coffee..makes sense to me...

Addiction. Coffee has been my best friend for many years now. It has been my greatest partisan in times when I am battling depression or when I am in a deep thought about something or someone. I take coffee as my greatest supporter when I don't have someone who can help me release my tension and exaggeration. I can take about 3-4 cups of coffee a day (using larger cups/mugs though). I can take any types of coffee, whether its from Starbucks or Coffee Bean or could it be just a regular coffee from the vendo machine in the office or from a pack of coffee I always bought from a store nearby. Though, I love sipping latte most of the time.

Sometimes I wonder, "does drinking coffee really benefits me?". I do some research about coffee and found some facts about coffee. But lets define first what is the meaning of coffee.

is a brewed drink prepared from roasted seeds, commonly called coffee beans, of the coffee plant. They are seeds of coffee cherries that grow…

Overcoming Breakups

Ending a relationship is not always easy and for most people, nothing to celebrate about. Very often, people are faced with mixed feelings, including shock, anger, guilt, frustration, sadness, even fear. When there is nothing pleasant about boyfriend-girlfriend breakups, how do you protect yourself and avoid the trauma? Here are some ways that might help: 1. Accept the inevitability of change. People change and this affects their relationships. Sometimes, when change occurs at different rates and directions, people grow apart and find no reason to stay in a relationship. When this happens, consider it as a part of a process. 2. Face the pain. You will be better able to survive a breakup and avoid trauma if you can take the bad feelings, acknowledge them and accept them. Don’t try to close your mind through denial because no amount of wishing can change things magically. Don’t try to numb yourself using alcohol or drugs because other than the health risks, these offer only temporary relief…

Dare to be Different

Are you tired of playing games, wearing masks or trying to be someone other than yourself? Wouldn’t you like the freedom to just be accepted for who you are, without the pressure to be someone you really don’t know how to be? Would you like to learn how to embrace your uniqueness and resist the pull to be like everyone else? God knew what He was doing when He made you. You are a unique individual—God created you the way you are! It’s time that we dare to accept ourselves as different and stop being insecure about who we are. If you’re going to overcome insecurities and be the person God’s called you to be, you must have the courage to be different. Unhappiness and frustration happen when we reject our uniqueness and try to be like each other.

If you’re going to be successful at being completely you, then you’re going to have to take a chance on not being like everyone else. You must ask yourself, Am I a people pleaser or a God pleaser?

Becoming a people pleaser is one of the…

Unang Tikim sa Virgin

Ang init!
Sobrang init ng sikat ng araw. Syempre itong yung kasunod na kwento sa unang na post ko na "bored" ang pamagat.
Di ko na talaga makaya ang init kaya lumabas ako ng bahay para medyo naman makalanghap ng sariwang hangin. haaayy mainit pa rin kasi 12 noon na pala. Di ko man lang namalayan ang oras. So naisipan ko na pumunta muna sa 7-11 para magpalamig. Syempre wala akong planong bumili ng kahit ano, kasi nga wala akong pera diba, so magpalamig lng talaga pakay ko dun. Habang naglalakad ako papuntang 7-11, may isang bagay na agaw pansin sa akin. Di ko mapigilan lumingon at matitigan man lng sya. PArang dumikit ang mga mata koy di ko na mailayo sa kanya. Kaya dahil sa kaba ko, bigla kung binilisan ang aking paglakad. Malakas ang tibok ng aking puso. Kangingig sabay pawis. Habang ang lalamunan ko namay natutuya, baka dahil sa kaba at init na rin…
Nung makapasok na ako sa 7-11, medyo nahimasmasan ako sa lamig. Agad akong pumunta sa may mga inumin ng sa di ko malamang dahila…


im tired..
dont now where to hide…
i never lied…
from the day your on my side…
you keep me calm…
when everything is going down…
but why i feel like this…
when in the first place you know how i miss…
your kiss
your peace…
maybe you need to ignore…
this feeling in me that i cant restore…
time will tell
i know i dare…
things will pass…
until the end and surely we’ll last…

I almost quit my job today

I almost quit my job today. In fact this is not the first attempt, this maybe my nth time ever since I worked in this company. I’m working in a BPO company. I guess for me, one of the best in the land in terms of benefits and maybe perk. Salary is good, better than nothing. I’ve been working in a call center for almost 3 yrs now. Ehmajenin nyo, since nag work ako sa call center dakilang agent pa din ako. Well, I’m not complaining naman sa position ko before. But, things are different now. Stagnant ang life ko as an agent. I tried to apply higher positions, pero.. wala namang nangyayari. Is it because uso na ang palakasan factor o di naman kaya need ng back up? Or maybe, I did not fit the job or overqualified (pampalubag loob naman).

While I’m taking my lunch, alone, I tried to ponder the things that pushed me to quit. Let me explain it to you in a trouble-free way:

Test I: Enumeration:

1. Money, Money, Money (Kantang pinasikat ng Abba.. kada?). Parang feeling ko maliit ang sweldo ko c…

Please stay with me

i dont know what to do
if i ever lose you
cant live my life without you
its hard when im not with you please dont let me go
as i will always hold your hand and never go
dont give up on me
to you i will always be imagine the times were together
those happy moments will be kept forever
the sad times that we’ve been through
makes our relationship strong and always brand new I cant live seeing you hurt
that makes me bleed and torn apart
i cant forgive myself for hurting you
i said i’m sorry and hope you’ll forgive me too im so proud of our relationship that we’ve reach this far
you knew that my past was a roller coaster or like in a chasing car
and then you came and touch my life in ways like nobody elses has
and im thankful that you fight every circumstances that comes between us my world gets lonely
if youre not here with me
i wanna send my lifetime in love you
so please stay with me
(composed: 2/25/2010 @ 02:39AM)

Heat Alert

During weekends, I always stayed at home for relaxation and rest. But recently, staying at home makes me sick. I think Philippines is hit by a heat wave. I woke up at 9Am when I felt that the rays of the sun from the window hit my face and its like burning my skin. I went directly into the bathroom to take a shower. I felt that the water that coming from the shower is so hot. After I took off from the shower, my body feels too much heat and then I start sweating. I feel like my head is breaking due to too much heat. As of this writing my head is still aching in pain.I really think that the world is getting hotter everyday.
Almost every summer there is a deadly heat wave in some part of my country (Philippines). Too much heat is not safe for anyone. It is even dangerous if you are older or having a health problems. That's why its important to recovered from a heat quickly or you begin to feel confused and more worse than that - faint. Your heart began to beat slowly or more than tha…

What's with diet?

I supposed to start this massive new diet last January 1, 2010. They said that being sexy and looking good makes you feel good. Somehow I realize that being physically fit give you extra confidence. January 1 ended up as like my last day on earth. So I planned to start January 2. January 3 was almost successful (i think? I hope?), but I could not resist the call of the cola and chocolates from the fridge. Then, I had to wind back and do some checking and evaluating, and thus I’ve come to a number of realizations: I hate dieting.I know nothing about the right or proper diet procedures.I need to diet because I wanted to look good for other people. Sad but true. I wanted to empress other people, which I know is wrong. I need advice from people who actually dieted and became successful.I don’t want to give up chocolates, coca-cola, chips, pork and beef.I know I have to start exercising, but doing it is the main problem. I always set it in my mind to go to the gym, or take a short walk, or …


Change is inevitable. Its either you learn to adopt the change and be like a chameleon or you fall from it and lost in space. I’ve heard it so many times that the only thing that doesn’t change is the word CHANGE itself. True to its sense, it’s the only thing that doesn’t change. At work, change is constant. In a month you will do one thing and then the next month you’ll do different things. Its either you will learn new things, though it’s in a hard way, or tomorrow you’ll just wake up and you find yourself been carried away by the change and you won’t imagine that you lose your job. I’m working in a BPO industry, one of the biggest in our country. Working in a big company is hard, as change is always present. You’ll see people come and go. I meet some of them and asked them what causes them to go. Some go because they can’t go with the change. Some people go because they want something different. Some of them quit because the pressure is too much that they can’t bear it anymore. I s…

Thanking God for its new every Morning

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. I am wondering what the future holds for me. For the past few days I was so worried about so many things. I am worried that I wont be successful in a lot of things. I am worried that my sacrifices will be take for granted. Then I realize that getting worried with things wont help. Instead it will only bring me down until I wont be able to do the things that I suppose to do. I have been praying to God so many times for a better future. I asked God's wisdom and guidance for every decision I've made. I am letting HIM control over me. Control over my life. I intercede every minute of everyday that God will show me the right way. The right direction to go. The right path to lead. I am asking God to give me a better career. I keep on asking God... and the list goes on and on... There are times, or maybe most of the time, if God didn't answer my prayers or petitions I complain a lot. I always keep myself away from Him. I a…

An eye for an eye

This is an eye issue. Our company had a free eye check up last February 5, 2010. I was the first patient on that day. I have a Myopia (Greek: μυωπία, muōpia, "nearsightedness"[1]), also called nearsightedness or shortsightedness, is a refractive defect of the eye in which collimated light produces image focus in front of the retina when accommodation is relaxed. I have a 2.75 on both eyes but the left one has astigmatism already, when I had my checked up last Friday its 3.75 already on both eyes. I have been worried about this since I experienced headaches and sometimes dizziness. I am hoping to buy new eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Hmm... Which one is better, wearing contact lenses or an eye glasses? Will there be any effect if i wear contact or glasses? For me its just for comfort. I look older wearing eyeglasses though, or maybe I don't have the right glasses for me. So can you please help me figure out?

Memoirs of my grandmother

My grandmother (my father's mother) passed away Last March 15, 2010. I always remember her as a loving and caring grandma. To my Aunts she is a disciplinarian. To my siblings she is the defender. To my grandpa she is the love of his life. But to me she is a great grandma who will love you no matter what. She play a very important role in my life. She always find time to send me to school when Mom and Dad is not available. She is always there when I need someone. One thing that I always remember about her is she always remind me to read the Bible and trust God above all. To us she is one great grandma.We missed you and we love you Lola..

29 Years in the making

I celebrated my 29th birthday last week (March 22, 2010) at Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao City, Philippines. Its not really a plan on what I would love to do on my birthday. As you can see, my grandmother died and will have a burial ceremony tomorrow. So my birthday is not that good. However, my friends invited me to celebrate somehow. I think its ok right?

Anyways, I had so much fun at the resort. The buffet was great and the beach is really really cool. Its a great summer and its really a great birthday blast!

As I look back on the things that happened in my life, there are so many things that needs to be thankful for. Blessings that I received, things that made my life wonderful and colorful and people that mold me into a better person.

For 29 years of my existence here, I thank God for all the things He has done in my life. Here are some of the things I would like to be thankful for. Things that made a great impact in my life and people who are worth thanking for.

God (Yeshua Ha…


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