Change is inevitable. Its either you learn to adopt the change and be like a chameleon or you fall from it and lost in space. I’ve heard it so many times that the only thing that doesn’t change is the word CHANGE itself. True to its sense, it’s the only thing that doesn’t change.
At work, change is constant. In a month you will do one thing and then the next month you’ll do different things. Its either you will learn new things, though it’s in a hard way, or tomorrow you’ll just wake up and you find yourself been carried away by the change and you won’t imagine that you lose your job. I’m working in a BPO industry, one of the biggest in our country. Working in a big company is hard, as change is always present. You’ll see people come and go. I meet some of them and asked them what causes them to go. Some go because they can’t go with the change. Some people go because they want something different. Some of them quit because the pressure is too much that they can’t bear it anymore. I should say that the bottom line of this is change. Some people can’t bear change. Some people like change. But is change really important? What makes it important? And what impact does it cause us when change hit us?
I believe change is important. With change we will be a better person, effective in every way. If you’re a business man and you don’t change your selling technique depending on the trends in the market, your business will die. If you’re working in a fashion industry, you need to create new things, think of new style or design. If you’re in a fashion business you need to be creative and innovative. If you’re in a fashion industry you need to change your old style depending on what’s in demand in the market. With change you can do better and great things. With change you can adopt as to what is new in the business.
As parents, in terms of disciplining your children, change is also important. You can never apply the same way of disciplining your child when he/she was still 7 years old. The more he/she matures the more you change your way of discipline. As the child grows older, his her ways of thinking also change. The more the child matures, the more he also changes his way of life and his way of thinking.

As per writing, I am literally changing location, from another station to another. I was moved back from IT (Information Technology Team from HR (Human Resource) Team. Its not that big change though, since we will still be doing the same thing. Though the only change i can see it, the location and the people I'll be working with.

I realized that the greatest change I am experiencing is the change of my spiritual life. For the past 4 years, I felt like I was disconnected from God. I was swift away by the different changed I experienced. I know I need to get back to God. I know I need to change my ways of life. I need to change my outlook in life. I know I need God in my life.

Change is what I need. I need to change for the better. Change is the key to a successful and happy life.


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