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Simple Truth I Always Keep in Mind

Lately, my life has been a roller coaster. There have been instances that my faith has been blocked by the situation I was into. I learned a lot from the past experiences and overcome difficulties. As I look back on what had happened in my life for the past 6 months, I can say that I failed in certain aspect but gained victory on the other. That is life's reality, no cannot always get what you wanted.

However, life needs to move on. And as we move on we always keep the lessons we have from the past as a shield to our future.  Let me give you a quick rundown of the things that I always keep in mind for me to stay focus.

#1 - Happiness and Success are two different things.
A friend of mine is making thousands of pesos last year and up to this day she is earning big bucks. She invested a lot of things and saved enough money in the bank. We really admired her for being so successful in terms of work and how she achieved in life. But guess what? A few weeks ago she told me that she&…

Dear White Bond Paper With A Black Dot In The Middle

Dear White Bond Paper With A Black Dot In The Middle
Thank you for giving me a clearer view on how should I react to my current situation. At a first glance, all I can see is your black dot in the middle. I didn't notice the biggest part of the paper which is the clean and white part of it. I tend to overlook and taken for granted many wonderful things and focus my attention and energy on that small, dot-like failures and disappointments. I know realize that my so called "problems" are usually like the black dot, small and insignificant. All I need to do is widen my horizon and look at the bigger picture and the brighter side of it.

Dear Pay Day That Immediately Got Away

Dear Pay Day Who Easily Got Away, 
Well, hello there!
It's nice to see you after three months of not being together. We should catch up because we have a lot of things to settle. Because of your absence I was kinda in debt and it feels terrible. But now that you're here, things will be better again and I will make it sure that our contract will last longer than we can imagine. 
Oh by the way, I want to say thank you for always taking care of me and my payables. I will not make it without you. I know that I can always count on you. And also, thank you making me happy every time you pay a visit in my bank account because you always me make happy and satisfied. 
And lastly, I want to say thank you because at the end of the day I believe that I deserve you because I work hard for you even if you easily got away from my hands or pocket. 
Cheers! Till next time.

Dear Typhoon Ferdie

Dear Typhoon Ferdie,

I'm so glad to finally meet you. It was was awesome. Imagine after work you have the time to pick me up in the office even though you are so busy flooding the whole Metro Manila. I enjoy your company and because of that I went home soaking wet. I really had a blast. I appreciate your generosity in providing us too much water. At least the plants have the time to keep more water, so come summer time they won't worry about El Nino.
But what I really appreciate about you is that because I am soaking wet going home yesterday and water is knee level high, I got the chance to wash my shoes which I haven't done since I bought it. Lels.
Thanks Ferdie. I hope to see you again but please don't be too harsh. I don't wanna be late coming to work again. Please?


Dear Raindrops


Things I learned after being mugged

Di ko inakala na isang araw mararanasan ko din ang ma-holdap. Akala ko kasi sa TV Patrol o 24 Oras ko lang mapapanuod ang mga eksenang ganyan. Kaso sa kasamaang palad noong 7/11, Oo tama ang date na yan 7/11 (July 11) ay naholdap ako sa loob mismo dyep. At akalain mo ha katabi ko pa si Manong Driver na kahit nagmamakaawa na ako ng tulong eh diretso pa rin sa pagmamaneho. Sabagay, mahirap din yun kung di siya naka-focus sa pag drive baka mabangga naman kami. Kung nagkaganun eh double trouble ako. Naholdap na, nabangga pa. Saklap much lang!
Anyways, masakit man sa loob ko na makuha ang mga mahahalagang bagay na matagal kung pinagkakaingatan (at pinaghirapan din) ay nagpapasalamat pa din ako na hindi ako sinaktan kahit gustong gusto kung saktan ang mga holdaper na yun. Hindi ko makakalimutan ang mga pagmumukha niyo. Isusumbong ko kayo kay Tulfo (Chos!). Hindi ko na muna isasalaysay ang buong pangyayari baka kasi maglaslas ako sa sama ng loob.
May mga bagay akong napagtanto at nagpapaal…