Simple Truth I Always Keep in Mind

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Lately, my life has been a roller coaster. There have been instances that my faith has been blocked by the situation I was into. I learned a lot from the past experiences and overcome difficulties. As I look back on what had happened in my life for the past 6 months, I can say that I failed in certain aspect but gained victory on the other. That is life's reality, no cannot always get what you wanted.

However, life needs to move on. And as we move on we always keep the lessons we have from the past as a shield to our future. 
Let me give you a quick rundown of the things that I always keep in mind for me to stay focus.

#1 - Happiness and Success are two different things.

A friend of mine is making thousands of pesos last year and up to this day she is earning big bucks. She invested a lot of things and saved enough money in the bank. We really admired her for being so successful in terms of work and how she achieved in life. But guess what? A few weeks ago she told me that she's depressed. She feels like lonely and thought that she doesn't have enough time for herself. So I thought, "Wow!" One of the most successful friends I have is not happy. 

Another friend I know is very optimistic and lighthearted. She likes singing and even loves to join singing competitions in her barangay. You can see her smiling everyday from ear to ear. However, her debt list goes on and on and all she can do is to ask help from others by borrowing money to pay for her debt. I can't deny the fact that she seems happy while singing but can't consider her success. 

#2 - I run my own business.

I realized that no matter how much I earn every month or who I work for; I only work for one person, MYSELF.  The only question I need to find answer is: What I am selling, and to whom? Even if I am a full-time salaried employee, working in a good company holding that nice corporate position with good benefits and perks, I am still running my own business. I am still selling a part of my existence (my time) in return for a price (salary) to a customer (my employer). 

Another question that I need to answer is: How can I save time and increase my profit? 

#3 - Having too many choices interferes your decision making.

I always find myself choosing from different options in life. Like right now, I'm planning to buy a new phone but because we're on the 21st century and technology made it more difficult to chose from which one is better than the other. Sadly, by having a lot of options it often leads to indecision, confusion and inaction. 

Often times I find myself spending more time in evaluating every detail of every possible option. 
What to do?
  • Narrow down your choices, maybe up to three best brands in the market.
  • Chose something that will work and fit for your needs. 
If this doesn't work, chose something else and keep on pressing forward. 


  1. thanks for sharing this
    i agree to the first on by the way

    1. thanks Mecoy for agreeing with me. Apir!

  2. no.3 :) lagi kong na-eexperience yan :)kaya di talaga ako gumagawa ng decision kapag naguguluhan pa ako :)

    1. Oo tama ka dyan. Minsan kasi di tama yung utak natin sa pag decide kaya kahit mali ehh nagagawa natin.

  3. I guess we all have this emptiness, like a hole in our system. It's either big or small. So no matter how successful we are we find lacking in us.

    With it comes to spending, just try living below your means. I remember 70-20-10 rule. 70% of your salary spend it, 20% save it and 10% donate or give to your church. =)

    1. I agree with what you said. Clap! Clap! Thanks for the comment

  4. Nice one...

    Specially the last sentence...

    Keep it up...


  5. super agree. indeed happiness and success are two different things. happiness not always comes with happiness and vice versa. and a also do agree to do things for yourself first. =D

  6. nakakarelate ako sa number 3.... Too many choices leads to confusion!

  7. I agree on almost everything said specially on the first one, cause I get to experience it with my family... and actually you can pretty pack everything you said in one plain idea... let God into your everyday plans, katulad nung masyadong madaming option, trust HIS guts kung ano dapat piliin mo, and you will choose the RIGHT one. :)

  8. It'd be nice though if one never leave behind what makes him truly happy while walking the road to success.. Good reminders btw.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it a lot.

    2. You're welcome!!


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