Simple Words with Great Impact

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Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind Rudyard Kipling

Clearly words influence our thoughts, feelings, actions and states of mind. Even little words often bring great meaning. A lot of us don’t really care much about what we say and tell even if it hurts others. Most of us doesn’t really care at all to tell even just simple words yet will surely creates huge change or impact to someone’s lives.

Think about it, whether you want to get the best job in the land, save your marriage, win a friend, approval of your proposal, retain your employees; all boils down to how you used words that will surely make a difference.  Simple words that we normally taken for granted have the ability to inspire people, hurt someone, encourage and discourage, help, promote, or hinder.

I have listed 11 simple words but have great meaning and impact in a constructive way.

  1. I’m Sorry.  When we hurt someone whether it is intentional or not, saying you are sorry for what happened can ease the pain. I’m sorry, I apologize, please forgive me; are some words that shows you acknowledge and recognize your fault and the damaged caused. Saying sorry will somehow ease the pain.
  1. Thank You. Every one wants to be appreciated. We always long that someone will acknowledge the good things we did. We love to hear these two words THANK YOU as this is lifts up our spirit.
  1. I forgive you. We all fail and screw up. Sometimes our friends and love ones cause us hurt unintentionally. Words of forgiveness are essential to take away guilt feelings.
  1. I love you. The greatest statement of all. This reflects the purest and natural gift to all mankind: LOVE. Though saying I love you is not enough, it needs action to make it more real.
  1. I understand. Nobody wants to be misunderstood. We want other people to understand us in everything we do. It does not necessarily mean agreeing on my own opinion but understanding the points of views of others and that you get there point is such a comfort.
  1. Great job. Whether we admit it or not we are pleased when somebody recognizes us for something we did or for our efforts. Words of praise inspire us to do better next time and to perform more and work hard.
  1. You can do it. Sometimes we feel weak and discourage. We love to hear from our friends and from people around us some comfort like hearing the words “you can do it just be strong” or “you can make it”. These words always make us feel the strength and then convert it into energy that will make us moves forward and continue the fight.
  1. It’s okay. At times, we commit mistakes and then we felt bad about it or maybe we feel anxious, worried or afraid; a comfort from a friend or words that will ease that feeling of being sad is very much important. Words like “its okay”, “everything will be alright”, “don’t worry about it” always reminds us that things will be okay soon.
  1. I’m here for you. These words remind us that we are not alone. It evidently shows that there is always a shoulder that we can cry on and arms that we can hug on to.
  1. I support you. These simple words mean that whatever decisions we will do it could be the best decision or not, there is always someone out there that will support us no matter what. A word of support from our family and friends will get us out from the fear of being judged.

  1. I miss you. Saying I miss you to someone means that since we can’t always be around for those people we love, its good to know that there is someone out there wants our company and that gets excited to see us again.
It’s important that we carefully choose our words properly. Pick those words that will inspire other people. As we live each day continue to speak wisely and encourage everyone with the power of your voice. It’s not always action speaks louder than words; sometimes action needs words to express and to confirm the actions taken.  Do not assume that everyone knows how you feel unless you start speaking.


  1. nice post. But some of those words are being abused and has no sense at all. like saying i'm sorry. What's the sense of it if you always do the same thing/ hurt that person all over again. Sometimes, sorry is just not enough.

  2. @ emotera- i agree thats why sometimes words needs actions as proof that youre sorry for what you did..

  3. without the intention and sincerity. these words are useless. nice post ^_^

  4. the sweetest word there is I forgive you. Thats the true child of Christ, marunong magpatawad..

    please visit my blog po.meron po akong bagong post!


  6. sarap pakinggan ng mga words na yan lalo na kung may sinseridad at talagang meant ang pagkakasabi

  7. Did you dig more on this? I mean do you observe these words when shits are not observing like what you do?

  8. malayo din gamit ko sa mga salita. hahahah.. as in..feeling ko pag may nakasamaan ako ng loob.. malayo mararating ng salita para maayos ulit...

    kailangan talaga minsan pag-usapan.
    at may pagkakataon na kailangan lang katahimikan.

  9. yang thank you marami ang hindi nagsasabi. lalo na ung i'm sorry

  10. those words really give a great impact... and it all boils down on how we deliver them... it's not what you say but how you say it... have a great day!!! =)


  11. the bottom line, walk the talk.... cause only when both agree, only then we can see sincerity... :) nice post by the way... :)

  12. Yes, Xander. Such words can be very touching and encouraging but main thing is the person must mean it too.

    - Soccer Mom

  13. nice post... new blogger po... words are truly powerful but when a heart do not feel its essence, those words will come out plain... nice nice napapa-english ako.. hehe...

  14. I agree with your post here, Saying sorry if you have hurt someone can really help lessen the hurt if not totally gone.

  15. from the heart, these words are really good to hear specially from your boss.


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