Lesson Learned In A Pet Shop

     The class ended early at 3PM for my new hire orientation in my new job. I decided to take a walked going home which is about 30 minutes away from my working place. Since storm Juan is coming, so the sun is not up instead wind caressed me with love and care when I got out from the building. I saw a lot of people going in and out of the building while others are walking fast, probably they don't want to get into trouble when storm "Juan" reach Manila today. Since I had the guts that it will still not rain, so might as well take a few walks going home. I put my headset on to put some beats while walking home, its my way of getting myself to relax and think about things while walking. 

     On my way home, I saw a mom and a boy, who is I think about 7 or 8 years old, went inside a pet shop. I decided to go inside since animals has a very big space in my heart (except for spiders and snakes though!...lol). My eyes tried to browse on which particular area will I start looking. I noticed on the very corner of the shop, I saw again the boy and his mother, choosing the best gold fish in the aquarium. Her mother is looking for a different one while the boy left in the area where the fishes are. He is just staring at the aquarium for a few minutes. I was thinking maybe he was so amazed by those little creatures, swimming freely inside the aquarium. 

     He then tried to call her mom's attention. 

     Telling her that he saw a gold fish inside the aquarium, half dead and not moving. 

      Her mother doesn't care as she is busy looking for something. 

     He went back to the aquarium and tried to ticked the aquarium with his little fingers. I saw a smile on his face as the fish tried to swim and moved, but a few minutes, it goes back to its half-dead state. 

     "Probably the fish needs more air or maybe food", I told the boy.  "It's really not moving anymore"., I added. 

     I stared at him and just patiently waiting what he will do next. He then again ticked the aquarium glass with his fingers and then the fish moved again. 

     His mother who is in the counter paying there bills,  called him up and told him that they need to go since they already got what they want. The boy walks away from the aquarium but still his eyes is on the gold fish. He went out from the pet shop with a sad on his face, thinking that he cannot saved the fish anymore. 

     The pet shop owner went to the aquarium to check what the boy is doing a while back. He saw the half dead fish in the aquarium. He smiled, take the fish out of the aquarium and then transferred it to a bowl where a much cleaner water and big space is waiting. He put some fish food in the bowl and then after a few minutes the fish swims and back to its normal behavior.

     I went out from the shop with a smile on my face for I knew that I learned something valuable from that situation. 

     We are like the fish in the aquarium. We live in a world where we can freely do what we want to do, we can swim and live as long as we want. We work hard. We get  the things that we want. But all of these are just facade of what real life is. We are governed and covered by rules. We actually cannot live alone in this world. Our strength is limited. Our abilities are only to an extent. In times that we are sick or in need someone, we have our friends and family who will take care of us. They can help us to a point where we can survive and breathe a fresher air. But what if, they can't do much more than that? Just like the kid in the shop who willingly tried to do anything as much as he could, but cant. 

     We have a one great Maker and Owner of our life who will do anything and everything to save us just like the pet shop owner. Probably the best moral of the story I got is to fully trust your life to the one who made it, the Creator and Perfecter of life.


  1. Yes, He is the One... our own Creator. Whatever God Does to us, He does it so well.

  2. akala we are like fish matamlay pag gutom.Pagkain lang pala ang kulang.
    have a great tuesday blogging

  3. @Diamond-- hahaha pwede rin tayo maging fish.. hehehe

  4. Xander, finally got the chance to read your blog.
    At sorry naman, and a little unsolicited advice. Mag-edit ka. ^_^ maraming inconsistencies sa paggamit mo ng verb: me past, me present.

  5. hi rowell.. thanks ha.. oo alam ko.. geh! i will..

  6. You are really a person full of reflections and realization from a little to the greatest one. Keep it up for you too make others realize what they seem to neglect or take for granted...


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