In the Midst of the Storm

Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning. - Psalm 30:5

Our country faced another very difficult situation. We were again flooded and some of our Kababayans were affected by this unfortunate event. Despite the wrath of Maring washed out the things we build, our houses and some of us lost our loved ones yet we stand still and remain faithful to the one who sits on the throne, GOD. 

I remember the song by Bob Fitts, entitled You are so Faithful that says:

In the midst of the storm
Through the wind and the wave
You'll still be faithful
When the sun refuse to shine and the time is no more
You'll still be faithfull
You'll still be faithfull, Lord.

I believe that everything happens for a reason. And I also believe that if something has been taken from us, greater things will be given. 

I may not be able to help those who are in need during this tragic moment but by prayers and petition and solemn supplication, I am able to help them by God's grace and mercy. 

We are a survivor and we always win, every step of the way. We keep on fighting until victory is ours. We never quit because we are winners. And we always find time to smile  even on the hardest situations, its our way of making things light and easy. Maybe that's the reason why I believe that "It's More Fun in the Philippines."

Be reminded that there is someone greater than the things we see and feel. That someone will surely never let us down. And that someone is God.

Some may trust in horses, some may trust is chariots BUT we will trust in the name of our GOD.

God bless good people!


  1. it sure is another tragic chapter in ourlives but through faith and unity we sure can go on and be stronger and that is for sure what god wants to happen

  2. I agree.. And we will win and rise and conquer and fight...

  3. We cannot do anything with nature's wrath. We just need to be prepared and resilient.

  4. At laging tandaan, The Filipino Spirit is Water Proof!

    Kaya natin toh, tayo pa ba ang susuko? Beterano na ang mga pinoy sa mga ganyang klaseng kalamidad :))

    Always look up lang and follow the sun!

  5. Sabi nga ng isang sikat na kasabihan.."there's a rainbow always after the rain!" Ay kanta ata yun! Hahaha :)

  6. at bangon lang.... ituloy ang bukas... lalo na sa pagsikat ng araw....

    kung pwede lang sanang pigilan..... ang mga kalamidad....

  7. As long as we keep our faith in the Lord we can survive all things.

  8. One of my favorite verse! Punong puno ng pag-asa.

    Nice shot by the way!


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