Power of Love

“If two people love each other, but they just can’t seem to get it together, when do you get to that point of enough is enough?” ~Samantha, Julia Roberts‘character in the movie THE MEXICAN.

I believe that if you are not happy anymore in a relationship, its better to let go. However, letting go becomes difficult especially when you eventually realized that you’re still in love and that you’re being unhappy is something that can be fixed.  Acceptance and reconciliation after letting go is hard especially when one is still hoping that someday there is still hope for you and your partner to settle things and be back in each other’s arms. It becomes more difficult when pride sets in. Pride creates assumption. Assumption begets hatred. Hatred eradicates the possibility of reconciliation. Thus, you carry the burden of not doing something about the situation and you start to resent about the whole thing.

            If you feel that you are no longer happy in a relationship, better tell it straight to the person. In this way, you might see a possibility of doing something about how you feel. You will get a chance to hear the side of your partner. There is always a room for improvement if you feel that there is lacking in the relationship. Try not to be selfish. That way it’s called your partner because you’re not alone in the relationship. Don’t carry the burden alone. Be honest. Be straight forward to a point where he/she will understand. Never keep it to yourself that you are no longer happy as this will prolong the agony and eventually your action will speak for it.

  • You’re partner will eventually feel that you are not happy anymore. When he/she ask about it, tell it with all honesty. Never think that it’s not the right time to talk about it. Whether you tell it now or later, you will still hurt that person.
  • The most painful cause of breaking up or letting go is because someone is having a third wheel, O yung tinatawag na “kabit”, “may iba”, “may kalaguyo”, “may kulasisi”. Mas lalong masakit kapag hiniwalayan ka dahil sa nahuli mo sya at saka nya sasabihin na hindi ka na niya mahal.
  • It’s unfair if you’re still in a relationship and then you’re having an affair with someone else. For me, it’s very inhumane, and disrespectful. Let go of the other and then go with the person you love. You cannot keep it forever. Sabi nga sa bible: “No man can serve two masters”. Wag na pangarapin na sana dalawa ang puso mo kasi isa lang talaga yan.

HATRED stirs up dissension but LOVE covers all things

You probably hate the feeling of being broken from a failed relationship. You start to swear not to love again. You start to keep yourself away from people who care so much about you. You start to hate people and of love. But just when you’re wallowing in pain all of a sudden, everywhere you look there is love, hope and possibility.
If you are hurting because somebody hurt you, just accept that you are not meant to be. Isipin mo to: Noong nasa bahay ka pa, inayos mo ang sintas ng iyong sapatos mag-isa. Nakaya mong isuot ang sapatos at nagsimulang maglakad. Nung nakita mo sya, nangako sya na handa sya tulungan ka para isusuot ang sapatos mo para alalayan ka. Aayusin ang sintas ng sapatos mo kapag ito’y nakawala. Ngunit, napagod sya. Nakahanap ng iba. Nasaktan ka. Di mo kinaya. Nagsabi n asana di mo na lang sya nakilala. Ayaw mo nang isuot ang sapatos ulit. Ayaw mo nang umibig ulit.Tandaan mo na nung una bago mo sya nakilala alam mo kung pano mabuhay ng wala sya. Alam mo pano ayusin ang sintas ng iyong sapatos at isuot itong mag-isa.

Life is very messy, but love is messier. Wala kang karapatang magmahal kung hindi ka handang masaktan. Loving is difficult. But then again, loving is easy too. It’s a matter of how you handle yourself and the situation. It’s a matter of accepting, letting go and moving on. Never dwell in the past. Think of the future. Loving is a wonderful thing, so spread love!


  1. hahaha ang hirap magcomment kung hindi ako makarelate pero pipilitin ko... yoko lang balikan yung sa ex ko..enough is enough, yan kasi ang gusto kong gawin noon makipaghiwalay sa ex ko...

  2. Ahehehehe... hmmm ganun talaga lalo na pag sobrang sakit ang naranasan dahil sa pag-ibig..

  3. Thanks for the inspiration and info kuya. Mahirap talaga sa ganyang sitwasyon.. AYOS to kuya!! :)


  4. Hey Joross.. Thanks for dropping by and reading my post..

  5. hmmmm. sa kin lang, bago ka kasi magmahal ng iba, pag-aralan mo munang mahalin ang sarili mo. hehehe

  6. Very easy to read pero napakahirap gawin. :) lol

  7. super h irap taga ng ganyan. lalo na kung alam mo na pwede pa namang maayos. hehe nice post sir xander

  8. aaaw. anyway, nice article. keep writing! ( :
    malalampasan mo din yan! (:

  9. paano kung pareho mo talagang mahal?

    life is ironic.....tsk

  10. napag daanan ko ang ganitong scenario the not so long ago..naka relate ako ng sobra sobra! nice post xander :)

  11. so true.. :)

    after a painful relationship, there's no better way out than learning from it and moving forwarding...

    madaling sabihin pero mahirap gawin? na-ah-ah, not quite true..

    the key is to realize na we deserve to be happy and that we dont have forever to enjoy life...
    :) at tsaka kung nagawa ka niyang iwan, then you dont deserve that person...the right will is still yet to come. :D

    super nice post.

  12. @Margaret -- thanks for reading.. keep on reading and commenting.. hehe

  13. @iya-khin - hmmm... hindi ka magmahal ng iba kung masaya ka at satisfied ka sa pagmamahal ng nauna. Kung may pangalawa ka, ibig sabihin hindi ka kontento sa isa kasi may hinahanap ka na nakita mo dun sa pangalawa na wala sa una..hehe

  14. @zaizai- i hope nakapag move on ka na Zai..

    @mpm_2010 -- tama ka dyan.. i agree with you..

  15. Bible verses reveal to us what Gods will is. Our journey in life may take us through tears and fiery trials but God will walk with us through it all to "Shalom". Shalom is Peace, wellness that is nothing missing nothing broken, wholeness, completeness. It is deep and wide and touches every area of our life. This is the supernatural definition of wellness. Learn of Him anywhere you can. Search good Christian websites that teach you from the comfort of your home. Learn about Bible verses of victory and comfort and allow God to heal your hurts. Be hungry for Him. He will guide you to where He wants you to go. He loves you unconditionally and wants to pour out His Grace on YOU.

  16. @Dale- I so agree. God will take away every pain. He heals every wound. THanks for sharing this to me. I appreciate it a lot.


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