Subic’s Swell Bar and Café: A great place to dine and chill

         Subic is a popular tourist destination for visitors coming from a crowded Manila and even a destination spot for people from around the globe. A lot of travelers want to go and loosen up in a place where they can be themselves specially after indulging in a very hot summer activities. Well, Swell Bar and Cafe offers a diverse experience for travelers who wants to situate in a relaxing place either to meet friends for a drink or just to dine and eat. It's the best place for rendezvous or if you just want to unwind and be alone.

          Swell Bar and Cafe has a prominent position along Waterfront Road Subic Bay Freeport Zone which aims to provide  exceptional facilities and service in beautiful surroundings with stunning sea view from their indoor and outdoor spaces. Swell is truly a unique business, property and location.

Subic beach fronting Swell Bar and Cafe
          The outside part of Swell gives you the impression that its a great place to chill. There is no feeling of intimidation when you enter the bar as it has this homely aura even on the outside. It has a very modern architecture which combines Western and Asian touch. It has these Japanese-like brown wooden frames from the outside of the bar that makes it more relaxing. My first impression, "Its an air bar and cafe baby!". It's like you're standing in front in a bar or a restaurant in the streets of L.A. where you can literally see young people do their acrobatic skateboarding in front of a panoramic beach while people inside are happily dining and enjoying the best moments of their lives.

Outside view of Swell Bar and Cafe
          Food has always been the number priority of every travelers when dining in a restaurant or bar. Most of us want something different, something new but still has that traditional taste. Swell offers a different taste of gourmet. As Head Chief Niko Martinez said that they offer, most likely, Pinoy dishes but presented in such a different way with a foreign touch.

          When me and my friends (Francis and Len) arrived in Subic, we go straight to our rooms to freshen up before hitting the table for dinner. We stayed in Boardwalk Inn which is also part of Swell Bar and Cafe. It serves as the hotel for Swell Bar and Cafe's guests. So if you want to chill out in Swell, there is already a place for you to stay. It's like "hitting two birds with one stone?" Lels. There's a place to sleep and rest (Boardwalk Inn) after having a great dinner at Swell. 

Sweet Potato Chips + Mayonnaise handed to us by Head Chief Niko while waiting for our dinner

Two new dishes that Chief Niko is planning to add on the menu are the delicious and super yummy Gambas and Beef Salpicao. I really like the taste of Gambas, not too spicy and not too salty. The taste is just even. Bravo!

Beef Salpicao

Len ordered Swell's best seller, Pork Medallion; while Francis and I ordered Fish Fillet braised in Aromatic Asian Sauce (cream dory braised in hoisin, ginger and garlic served with Moroccan rice.

Fish Fillet braised in Aromatic Asian Sauce with Morrocan rice
Pork Medallion (pork loin wrapped in bacon with cream cheese sauce and buttered pepper served in potato disc.

And for our dessert for that night, we have the all time Filipino favorite Turon with ice cream sprinkled with chunk of almonds and powdered cinnamon with caramel sauce.

Turon with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce
Before calling it a night, we had the mount watering cocktail called Citrus Crush. Super yummy. "Pantanggal uhaw at panghawi ng pagod sa mainit na araw".

Citrus Crush
Swell offers not only great food best accommodation in town but also offers fun activities for summer specially beach activities. One best way to complete your summer getaway is to try Paddle boarding. On our second day at Boardwalk Inn/ Swell Bar and Cafe we tried paddle boarding. I thought its hard to do it, but surprisingly, its not that hard. According to Chief Niko, I'm a natural. Naks! 

Chief Niko taught us the basics of Paddle boarding
All you need to have if you want to try paddle boarding is a good balance and a strong arms. Which we luckily have. Lol.

Pwede na ba? Pang Baywatch ang dating

emote on the beach...Missing someone actually. Lels...

I can honestly say that going to Subic and visit Swell Bar and Cafe has been the this summer escapade I ever had. Who in the world will give you such a great accommodation and dishes with awesomeness, only at Swell Bar and Cafe. And do you know what is the best thing to do after paddle boarding? Well... It's eating! After feeding our hearts with fun and joy through paddle boarding, we need to feed our baby creatures inside...lels. What we have for our breakfast? Feast your eyes...

I ordered Bugsy Burger

Len ordered Chief Niko's Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Francis ordered Binagoongan Pork Shoulder

Vegetarian Breakfast Buritto
One of my favorite Blueberry Pancakes
Swell signature lemon ice tea is one of their best seller. Thirst quencher.

You can also try their best and most recommended appetizers.

Kick Ass Olives
Healthy Hummus and Torilla Triangle
My experience at Swell Bar and Cafe is unforgettable. The people and staff are very accommodating and hospitable. I could never see anyone who always wear a smile even if they are tired or busy. Even if customers keep on coming in, they still manage to show eagerness to serve and give their customer the best satisfaction they need. 

Satisfied customers dining at Swell

To the Management, Staff and Crew of Swell Bar and Cafe, Kudos to you guys. Wishing you a great success in the coming days.

Staff and Management

Chief Niko (middle) and his great team members

L-R: Jj, Xander,Gianne, Francis and Len
See you again soon guys!!!

Basic Info:
Swell Bar and Cafe
Bldg 664 Waterfront Road
Subic Bay Freeport Zone
Tel. #: (047) 250-2221

dd and check their facebook fan page for more details:

photos courtesy of Francis and Len


  1. ganda ng mga photos mo tsong! ganda din ng review ah!pwede ka ng tourist guide at event blogger :D

  2. on this post is from Francis and Len. I dont have my camera yet.. so they allow me to use their pics for this review.. hehehehe

  3. whahah ginutom mo ko sa mga food..
    at enjoy to the max ka sa surfing ha...
    and ang food... parang foodie ka na rin hehe :D

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