Coloring books for adults...

Front cover
     Its been a while since I haven't written anything. I was caught up with my busy work and schedule. Month- end Reports had just ended so I am kinda free and not tight for the coming days. Last Sunday I stayed at home because its raining so hard outside. Its my time to regain energy and sleep and rest from my busy sched. It's also my chance to clean the house as I wasn't able to do it for many weeks..Lol.

     I ran into this bunch of books that I have kept for years and found one of my coloring books. This is actually a coloring books for adults. Sounds funny right? But, yes! it is for adults. This is a more complicated coloring books, not the usual coloring books for children with just one figure to color. This one is more complicated. There are few pages on this book and I'm just on my first page. Normally, one page would last i think a day if you really give your time to it. 
     There also different themes for this coloring book. The one that I have is the Countryside theme. More on Nature type thing. 

my work (not done yet)
     I figure out that doing this stuff brings back the childhood in me. It makes me feel calm and contented. Sounds absurd but it really is. It also makes my mind work more as you know coloring needs imagination and color coordination which I haven't done for a long time. There is really no need to practice my color coordination at work unless the color coordination of the way I dress up. But this one is different. It really soothes me. It calms me and it also keeps my mind at peace. 

     I will be coloring more books in the coming days. I am planning of buying more coloring books. I think this will practice my artistic side which I only used during my elementary years.


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