Pearl Farm: A Real Paradise


Pearl Farm is located in the southern part of the Philippines is the Samal group of Islands, an archipelago consisting of nine islands which stretch out over a land area of 28,000 hectares. 

Nestled on the quiet side of Samal Island, The Pearl Farm Beach Resort is a mere 45-minute boat ride from the wharf. This fourteen (14) hectare spread was once a pearl farm, where thousands of white-lipped oysters transported from the Sulu Sea, were cultivated for their pink, white and gold pearls. Today, the resort beckons with the promise of a relaxing, private retreat, under the care of its friendly and charming staff.

This is a perfect getaway from the hassles and noises of downtown Davao. Pearl Farm is the right place where you can unwind, relax, do island picnic, or just relax in the pool and stare at the stars in the evening. 


Pearl farm offers a wide array of activities. For sports enthusiasts, tennis courts are available day and at night. They also of course offers water activities which includes:
  • Wind Surfing
  • Jet skiing
  • Water Polo
  • Water skiing
  • Banana Boat Ride
  • Scuba Diving
To add to the fun and exciting adventure they now also offers Sea kayaks, hobie cats, and wave runners.

This beautiful paradise that lies in an island go much deeper than just surface delights. Just 60 Meters away from the resort awaits scuba divers the two (2) sunken World War II Japanese vessels. This paradise is also considered as the marine sanctuary, within the island and its surrounding area, as Marine life is protected and nurtured over the past years. 


Ylang Ylang Spa. Ylang Ylang (pronounced as EE-lang EE-lang) is bourne out of flower from which it originated from. Known as an aphrodisiac, is a tropical tree native to Asia, or the flower of the tree and the essential oil produced from the flowers. The tree is the Cananga odorata, and the oil is extensively used in making perfumes and in aromatherapy.

This spa stands out sweetly in the arms of natures embrace, this is located within the garden of vegetation amides from the cascading man made waterfall. They offer different health and beauty treatment such as wraps, facial massage, body massage and foot spa.


One of the great attraction in this paradise is the Deluxe accommodations with 73 guest rooms, suites and cottages on stilts resting above sea level. This unique and wonderfully made cottages are designed from Maranao and Samal ethnic influences in both materials and form. 

A secluded island located a few hundred meters off Samal Island called Malipano Island, is where 7 exclusive villas of the resort are nestled. If offers a three hole of golf and on its west side, the island faces a unsullied white sand beach. 


Delicious Filipino food and International cuisine with fresh seafood specialty is being featured, offered and served in Maranao Restaurant. exotic and tropical fruits is freshly served which abundantly grow in the fertile landscapes of Davao and its neighboring provinces.
Parola Bar offers cocktail drinks and beverages while being inspired by the views of the sea and the nearby islands. You might want to try and get romantic by ordering a customized dinner under the stars or on the shore. 


TARIFF RATES (rates are in US $)
  • BALAY HOUSE - $150++
  • SAMAL HOUSE - $230 ++
  • MANDAYA HOUSE - $260 ++
  • SAMAL SUITE - $350 ++
  • SUNSET SUITE - $330 ++
  • 3 BEDROOM (MAX OF 6 ADULTS) - $580 ++
  • 4 BEDROOM (MAX OF 8 ADULTS) - $680 ++
EXTRA BED - $45 ++



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