Looking Back... 2010 in Review

Year 2010 is almost over and the remaining days are getting more exciting. As I reminisce on the things that happened in my life in 2010, I can surely say that life is really great and God has been good and remains good because of the great provision He has given. There are so many wonderful things happened in my life and there are some not so good. I can say that 2010 for me is a roller coaster. It's one hell of a ride. But there has been no dull moment in my life in 2010 as every moment is cherished and every experience is being valued.

     It's nice to look back and remember those that happened in the past not because you are bitter or you resented about it, but because without it you wouldn't be the person God wants you to be. Looking back is also a way of evaluating yourself on how you've been and what you did in the past; and then realized that you can do better in the future. Life is not that easy, but with great determination and strong conviction one can surely surpass life's challenges. Life is not a bed of roses as well, there are times that we will experience pain and thorns, and times that we lose someone we valued.

     I remember few days before my birthday, when I heard the news about my grandmother's death, it terribly broke my heart. Fews days before my birthday was also my scheduled flight going home, it's also the time to see my family and my grandmother. Prior to that, I also scheduled to celebrate my birthday in Pearl Farm, but learning about my grandmother's death was something I need to decide on. Its a mix emotion whether to be happy or get sad. I was mourning as I miss my lola so much. She is such an inspiration to our family. What makes me sadder is the fact that I can't leave more than a week so few days after my lola's burial I need to go back to work instead of spending more time with my family. But you know, God makes all things beautiful in HIS time.

     On the ligther note, I still celebrated my birthday at Pearl Farm. It's actually my first time to celebrate in such a very wonderful place. It's one of the greatest gift I had for myself. You can check the pictures from my previous post here: 29th Birthday at Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

     Last October, is another milestone in my life. This is when something unexpected happened in my life in my previous company. This is also the perfect timing when I was hired by one of the top BPO Company
in the country. The transition is not that easy but the good thing is I made it and right now I can say that I am slowly learning and working smoothly. Its glad to have great and good people around you, one whose supportive and helpful.

     Lastly, just few weeks ago, my sister got married. This is a great way to close the year with love and happiness. She is now a full pledge wife. Oppsss... there is one more thing, its my youngest sister's birthday this December 31st. Hmm.. that is I think the finale for this year. Sad thing is, I won't be there for her birthday for the nth time. Though I'm physically not around to celebrate with them, but I'm always with them in spirit.

     You know my life is not perfect. I am not perfect. I failed many times. I might fail my family most of the time. I stumble and fall. But it doesn't mean I will stay that way. Life has so much to offer. We need to enjoy it and never forget to thank God, the one who owns it and the one who gave it.

God bless you and more power this 2011!!!


  1. 2010 has been a roller coaster for some of us or should i say for all of us... Ups and Downs are inevitable, we need to strive as harder as we could when we are in the edge of breaking down and enjoy the moment when we feel blessed.

    At the end of the day, it is not about loosing or winning in the game called life it is how you played it. Everything has a purpose such a cliche word.. but it is true.

    GOD BLESS Xander :D

  2. Thanks a lot Zeb... I agree with you...God bless you too.

  3. tama. we fail so many times but we must not stay that way. God Bless you for being thankful and mindful of your precious life :)

    God Bless you :) hehe.

  4. roller coaster din ang taon'g ito para sa kin. pero i so far, blessed pa rin :) God bless us all :)

  5. @Bino-- oo nga dapat magpasalamat tayo.. salamat Bino

  6. wahhaha tama sila life its like a roller coaster may masaya, may malungkot pero ika nga nila sa bawat pagdapa laging may pagbangon... thats life..
    just give thanks na lang sa mga walang humpay na blessing na nakuha mo mula sa itaas :D

    have a great and wonderful new year :D

  7. Looking back to memory makes me smile. :)

  8. It's one hell of a ride. But there has been no dull moment in my life in 2010 as every moment is cherished and every experience is being valued.

    hayy.. resentment....

    oo nga di ba masaya kung titingin tayo sa nakaraan tas masaya tayo.. parang mas fulfill natin haharapin ang mga susunod pa..

    hay,,, hindi yung puro galit.... hay.. good one.

  9. Thanks Thanks Thanks! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  10. "Life has so much to offer. We need to enjoy it and never forget to thank God, the one who owns it and the one who gave it."

    Tama! We must thank God for all the blessings. And we must be contented. :)

  11. 2011 is full of hope. More power to all of us!

  12. Nice post! I guess you really have had a blast this year. I hope 2011 has lots of greater things in store for you; much better than 2010.
    Thanks for following. I really appreciated it a lot. God bless!

  13. God bless you too! hehehe.. :D

    Sana lahat ng wish mo this year matupad.

  14. You have a very nice blog. I like what I see of your view on life. I've only read one post, I will need to read a few more.


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