You Know Better Than I

     Most of the time, when we're in trouble we always blame other people or even worst God, for whatever we've been through. Sometimes, we tend to get out of our way and do something that we'll regret in the end. We over reacted to that current situation that we're into and didn't realise that every thing happens for a reason. As a human being , we always fail to trust God. Sometimes, waiting patiently and listening helps us.

     I was overwhelmed by how God let me go through in my troubled times. I can honestly say that before year 2010 ends, my life was tested and my faith was shaken. I get into trouble at work that causes my life to turn upside down. I was on top of my career. I had so many plans and then suddenly I was shuttered by an incident that I never imagine would happen.

     I was looking back on how I overcome that situation. I was sad and worried leaving the people close to me and leaving the work I love for how many years. Sometimes, God will take away better things from us because He wants us to have the best.

     Naalala ko ang isang kanta sa isang American animated musical film na Joseph: King of Dreams which was released by DreamWorks Animation. The title of the song, "Better than I". The song means so much to me. Every time I got into trouble and then worried ab out how will I go out and survive, I just listen to it. It made me think and realise that God knows better than I do.


  1. Ako din..sobrang dami ko na patunay na ang bait bait bait ni Lord sa kin.. sobrang dami ko na beses napatunayan... sobrang nag-iba na faith ko sa kanya... ibang level..ewan ko... kung maniniwala ka.. pero totoo yun...

    salamat sa post na toh.. medjo na-kalmado isip ko...

  2. Kamila-- salamat sa pag comment.. oo mabait talaga si God..

  3. what a refreshing post :) exactly the words that I needed... hay. maraming salamat... :)

  4. God is good, God is Great! all the time!!! :)

  5. Yes naman.. God has better choices for us.. :D

  6. whahaha one of my fave song noong nasa elementary pa ko hehehe :D

  7. What a nice video..^^ Marami na akong pag-kukulang kay God. Siguro nagtatampo na sakin. =( I'm acting like a good for nothing hypocrite.

  8. Sa lahat ng nag comment.. MARAMING MARAMING SALAMAT.. wishing you a happy holidays...


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