Zest Air Experience

     My last visit to Davao was a mixed emotion. It's my first time to go home and be with my family for 3 days and 2 nights and also to attend my sister's wedding. This is also the first time I used Zest Air as a means of transportation via Manila - Davao. I normally go for Philippine Airlines or Cebu Pacific. I use the latter a lot because of there promos and ticket sales year round.

Experience with Zest Air

     Since I was late to book a flight for Cebu Pacific, I need to find a more cheaper airline fare compared to what Cebu Pacific is offering at that time. Since holiday season is fast approaching and I only got the chance to book a flight last  Monday and my flight is schedule on a Friday (December 10, 2010) so the only possible and reasonable fare I can see and think of is aiZest Air. So, I finally decided and gave in to book a flight with them. I am excited to see what they can offer me and what other things that they have and the other planes dont have. But, at the back of my mind I am hesistant and scared because of the things I've heard before about Zest Air. 

     Since they now have airbuses on most of there planes, so I can say that its safe and a nice ride. The plane is spacious, at least for me. The cabin crew are very nice and hospitable and they keep on smiling even if I can see it in there faces that they are tired and sleepy. There is one thing lacking though during my flight. I am not sure if the first few months/years when Zest Air started they offer free Zest-O? Because during my flight, I was waiting that the crew member will hand me over a tetra pack of Zest-O juice. My friends told me that they also give free Zest-O juice drink before. That makes me sad...

     Another thing, on my way back to Manila, my flight was delayed for 1 hour. Well, thats still acceptable since before some airlines are more than hour late. I had with Cebu Pacific before that my flight was super duper late. Imagine, my flight is at 4AM unfortunately we were able to get a seat at 2PM that same day. Imagine how hassle it is, no enough sleep at that time and then need to be in Davao at 7AM for a commitment I promised to a group of people. Though, after that it never happened again. Thank God!

First Impression Last

     Well, I can say that over all I had a ncie flight with Zest Air. It might not be that good at first but I think given the chance, time will come they will also make it big. I am not thinking of getting on Zest Air plane as my first option in my future flights, but will include them in my list of planes that I will be riding maybe if Cebu Pacific will stop offering great promos. Lol.


  1. hehehe talga may libre ganun... lol talagang hinanap mo ah... ok try ko yan zest air for future flight din joke... :)

  2. wow.... sa wakas nakauli najud sa Davao.

  3. @liha-- hahha oo hinanap ko talaga..sayang din libre..haha

  4. di ba ito ung dating asian spirit? ung pag-alis mo asian pa, pero paguwi mo , spirit ka na lang. hehehe

  5. hirap talaga pagbago ang airplane kasi nervous ka na baka bumagsak ang plane.

    ang PAL kaya tinawag na PAL coz plane always late hihihiihi pero ngayon pati cebu pacific delayed na din unlike before

    dapat magisip din ang zest air ng gimmik tulad ng dancing stewardess hihihihi

  6. @Bino- hahaha.. uu yan yung dating asian spirit.. hehehehe....

  7. @hard2getxxx- hahah.. oo late naman karamihan sa mga planes.. hahay... sana may gimik sila na pwede tumalon sa plane hahaha..

  8. hahaha un pala ang ibig sabihin ng pal...

    alam ko ung cebu pacific... my tag line na ganito...

    you fly from cebu you land to pacific un b atama ba un... lol naalala ko lng ung joke n ayun... hahaha


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