Are You Good Looking?

As humans, we desire to look good physically. At an early age, maybe three or four, kids are already aware and has consciousness whether they looked good or not.

Men in particular, specially those who are unprivileged would die to have the looks of Brad Pitt or maybe Mario Maurer or Sam Milby. Men who are less fortunate spend most of their time at the gym trying to achieve the look that they wanted. While those who are fortunately able, spend their money and undergo plastic surgery and have those looks pasted on theirs. Women on the other hand; wears make up, tight or fit clothes, wear jewelries to attract the opposite sex.

For what reasons?

One, maybe because that is what society or media is telling them/us to do.


Maybe, again, to get women so easily or maybe to attract others with less effort for their own personal gain. I can see that some companies are hiring people because of their "pleasant" appearance.

Tsk... Tsk... Tsk....

But being good looking has its downside:

1. They always work hard. Actors and actresses who are good looking always gets the lead role which entails hard work since they are the first pick by the Producers. They need to work hard or maybe double it to prove that they are worth the role and the project offered to them. At times due to over work, this affects their health.

2. They cause trouble. I remember the: "The face that could launch a thousand ships." It came from the Greek Mythology about the Trojan War, when Paris took Helen of Troy from her husband Menelaus, the king of Sparta. Really trouble indeed.

3. They are branded as dumb. Everyone thinks that you only have beauty but no brains. But you can prove them wrong. Some of them already did.

4. You are always hated. A lot of people will hate you for no apparent reasons. Maybe because you always get the attention. You always have the best and those who are unprivileged will get what is left.

5. Full of pride. Being good looking make you feel conceited. Just like Lucifer, who conceited of his power as the second in command of God. He was handsome and has undeniably gifts for music. He thinks that all attentions should be his which pushed him to rebel against God. So now, his out there making everyone ugly.

So there...

Is being good looking a curse? I don't know.

You judge!

There could be more disadvantages and I will surely add more when I experience more in the future... Hehehe..



  1. masakit sa ulo ang may hitsura!!! hahahaha pero somehow they love deeply compared sa mga kailangan pang ienhance ang mukha because mas madami yon babae dahil they are just trying to prove na kaya nila magkaron ng iba kahit kailangan nila ng booster sa mukha nila lol pero whats important naman eh yong values and respeto sa ibang tao!

  2. kaya ako, nagpapapanget eh, para iwas, isa sa ga new years resolution ko ang maging panget.hehehehe

  3. Amgwapo mo, xanderboi!! hehehe..

    Sa panahon kasi ngayon, ang mga tao nagiging visua na masyado.. Kaya ayun, todo papaganda at pagwapo.

    "Hate me because I'm beautiful.." Gasgas na linya na yan, but it's true. Most people, magaganda at gwapo, they're being hated by most. Usually, iisa lang ang reason dito.. - inggit! :P

    Agree din sa last line.. Madalas kasi, lumalaki ang ulo pag daming fans. Pero hindi naman lahat.


  4. when u look gOod, u feel gOod... ^^

    let's all look gOod by being good
    and so we could feel good...

    haha, parang tongue twister lang!

  5. oo na master pogi ^^

    at dahil jan, heto at nabanggit kita dito sa latest post ko ^^

  6. Speaking from experience ba ito? Ikaw na. Aheyreet. LOL. :D

  7. I love this line

    "I will surely add more when I experience more in the future... Hehehe.. "

    at sagot ko don't hate me coz I'm

    Wishing you the best of 2012!

  8. i know how you feel..ahay! haha :)
    Yeah, everybody wants to look good. But what is GOOD di ba?

  9. well it's true that the first thing na ikaka-attract sa isang tao ay ang kanyang look. but for me, at the end of the day, yung essence ng pagkatao nya o attitude ang magma-matter. what i'm going to do with a man who is handsome but batugan. hehehe.

    so i guess dun ako sa may handsome na personality. funny pero may iba na feeling guapo/ maganda na nga lang e, maaarte pa. hehehe

    nice topic/post!

  10. well ganun talaga, everyone just wants to feel accepted, cared for and loved. and others get angry at those people who are privileged - kasi they feel threatened, feel lesser than what they really are.
    well as for me, di ako nagagalit. i get jealous, yes. but not angry with them.
    i just hope na people would stop hating others because of what they have and what they don't have.
    but what can i say? i guess it's part of human nature.
    one advantage i see is: life is easier for people who look good. mas madali makapasok sa ina-apply-an pag may itsura lalo na pag visual ang nagi-interview.
    and isa pa, pag walang work, e may pwede pa silang ibang gawing trabaho. haha :D
    kidding aside, in my opinion, yung mga taong may itsura eh mas madali ang buhay para sa kanila. well that's just my opinion based on sa mga friends kong may itsura..
    so your looks isn't a curse at all :)
    nice blog!

  11. May sumpa sa mga sobrang gwapo at maganda.Dahil lahat ng kasalanan nakadikit sa kanila parang magnet sa ayaw mo't sa gusto.At ang katotohanang di man ito sinasabi lahat ay gusto kang matikman.malingat ka lang may kumakalabit na. tatangi ka pa ba?Hindi madali ang sumpang you know kung bakit ang mga sobrang gwapo at maganda binigyan ng weakness na di nila matangap.

    naiintindihan ko ang iyong problema buddy

  12. Nice post and nice blog, thanks for sharing and have a nice day.

  13. We should always feel young to stay young.. :)


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