Sweden's Most Primitive Hotel

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Sweden is known worldwide for being a multicultural society. A society constantly evolving, absorbing new influences and ways of thinking. From science to denim, music to equality, Sweden is a hive of creativity - not least when it comes to the environment. 

Tourism in Sweden is one of the best. It is a place where you can enjoy different activities like diving under the ice, go on a truffle safari, or turn up a cutting edge fashion show. Sweden is testing its limits with bold new ideas, from fashion to new trends even to  attracting people on tour and new places discovered to attract guests. One best attraction in Sweden is the Kolarbyn.

What is Kolarbyn?

Kolarbyn is called Sweden's most primitive hotel. It is a natural refuge for silence, wilderness and adventure in a beautiful forest setting just a couple of hours away from the capital Stockholm. People from around the globe visit to relax and enjoy the nature or experience to be with wild animals in their natural environment. 

Kolarbyn consists of twelve (12) little forest huts located in a glade by the beautiful lake Skarsjon. People from different walks of life likes to stay in this little huts just like in a hotel, its just that its smaller, more primitive and more adventurous. There is no electricity inside the hut but candles and crackling fireplace are available to guide visitors to sleep. After you sleep in the silence of the night, birds music and hymns will wake you up for a nice swim in the lake Kolarbyn which is undoubtedly a true natural experience for family and friends.  


Kolarbyn offers different activities for us to enjoy not just  the nature but also the other things that is surrounding it. It has been said that the best things in life are for FREE. To to its sense, Kolarbyn offers this different activities for free which includes:
  • Swim in the lake
  • Sauna floating on the lake
  • Pick berries and mushrooms
  • Take a hike
  • BBQ at the bonfire
  • Go fish in the lake
 You might also want to be with wild animals as bonus for this activities. Sweden's forest cover about two thirds of its land area where wild animal species live and stay. Kolarbyn inhabit many of the most spectacular species. Moose and roe deer are plenty, but also Lynx, Brown Bear, Beaver and Wolf which are previously rare and actually endangered.

(Convertion - 1.00 SEK = 6.10543 PHP)
Lodging in forest hut: SEK 350 per person, children SEK 175.
Self-service breakfast: SEK 65 per person, children SEK 45.
Sleeping bag: SEK 90 per person per stay.

Membersship cardholders of Hosteling International or STF get a discount per night of SEK 50 for adults and SEK 25 for children. This optional membership can be purchased at arrival.

Lodging includes:

  • Isolation mat
  • Sheep skin rugs
  • Candles and matches
  • Firewood for self-cutting
  • Fresh water to be fetched from the spring
  • Access to fire places
  • Primitive kitchen facilities and equipment
  • Dish place with running water in the creek
  • Waste separation bins for recycling
  • Access to big hut with tables and 45 seats (if not occupied)
  • Canoe and wooden rowing boat
Staying in Kolarbyn or a night or two will surely take you away from the very busy city life and you will surely be at home with nature. No wonder why they are awarded as the Grand Travel Award - The Ecotourism Price in 2009 for its very unique and naturally made wonder.


  1. Woah! I wish some day I could come to this place... ^_^

  2. makakapunta din ako sa place na to

  3. wow i never knew na may ganyan! it seems fun ah!

    parang mas gusto ko pang pumunta sa ganito kesa sa mgha naghihiganteng hotel. parang romantic lang... sa forest, under the stars, or by the fireplace. hihihi :)

    1. Tama. So romantic and then at night biglang may mga wolves.. hehe joke!

  4. Oo nga.. sige sabay na tayong lahbat pumunta dyan hehehe

  5. Replies
    1. tara hahha.. mag ipon na tayo ngayon pa lang hahahaha


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