Common White Lies and Why

Occasionally, everyone tell lies. Some white lies save relationship, some save us from a very dangerous situation, some white lies buy us time. It's a human instinct to commit white lies because this is our easy way out. To some, the world becomes a better place to live because of our white lies. 

White lie is acceptable to others as long as they did not hurt anybody and didn't break any law. It's not good to lie as this will reflect our personality. Whether a black lie or a white lie, its still a lie. 

Below are common white lies people tell and why we tell them:
  1. I'm almost there! - Because I cannot tell you that I just woke up and still at home. This might freak you out.
  2. Thank you so much! I just love it! - Because we might hurt someone's feeling if we tell them the truth that their gift sucked and that we will be called as an insensitive jerk.
  3. I'm 18. - Because telling your 18 makes you feel younger even if your looks doesn't tell you.
  4. I will be there in 5 minutes! - Because it sounds a lot better than 15 minutes. 
  5. Of course, You look great in that dress! - Because its better than being slapped.
  6. I thought I already sent that email boss, I'm sure I did. - Because I don't want to let you know that its low priority and you might fire me for that.
  7. Oh, yeah. That makes sense. - Because I don't want to admit that I am so clueless of what you are talking about. 
The list could go on forever,but then again white lie is still a lie...


  1. eto ang masaklap na lies sa love life kadalasan...I'm almost over you... chaaaar!! almost over eh panay pa din ang silip sa fb at nakafollow pa din sa tweeter!! ala lang! hehehe

    1. Hahaha.. Almost over you pero di pa pala.. like di na itetext at buburahin ang number pero memorize pala no hehe

  2. iam so guilty of these haha shame on me
    haha happy blogging dude

    1. Thanks Mecoy.. same to you. Happy Blogging

  3. guilty ako, ahahaha


  4. hehehe...magamit nga yan...mas madalas ginagamit ko na line e "ok lang" just to end the conversation...hehe


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