Hey Guys!

It's been a while since my  last update. Honestly, I really dont know what to do with this blog. I have so many things in mind, like what I really want to write about but everytime I hit the keyboard, everything just go away and ideas easily slipped. I have a lot of stories I wanted to write but suddenly got lost interest in finishing it. I have so many poems to share but felt that it doesnt even reflect me as a person. Like right now, my mind is uneasy. Unfocus. Undecided.

For the nth time, I'm planning to delete this blog because I don't see any reasons why should I keep one . It could give a lot of space in blogosphere for people who can really write. People who are more qualified to write and had the license to write.

Mine is just jibberish...

Before, I tend to write something that inspires people. I like writing stuff that will give them hope, encouragement and strength. But i realized, how can I write something that I myself can't do. I need to be a good example. I want to be that person that people look up to. I don't want to pretend or like put a mask and tell people that my life is always happy, and good and enjoying every bit of it. I also failed and I acknowledge it.

I remember in my Psychology class in college, we tend to discussed about how we present to the world. Psychologist Carl Jung called it Persona, which derived from a Latin word literally means "mask".  It is not a literal mask, however. The persona represents all of the different social masks that we wear among different groups and situations. It acts to shield the ego from negative images. (paki connect na lang... lol)

Well, I am wearing a mask every single day. And even in this blog I wear a mask. It's not the real me.

My point is, I want to write something that reflects who I am. Maybe finding my niche would help. I am a personal blogger as I am claiming it. But I wanted more. I want something else.

So where do I start? What do you think?


  1. hmmnn... maybe this is what you are... uneasy by nature... heheeh... 'wag mong pahirapan sarili pero kung sa ganyang paraan ka makakasulat, malay mo naman, 'yan na ang new you! you can be a rant blogger...hehehe...

    just now, see? you were able to make a post... 'wag mo lang i-oblige sarili mo... k? smile na! mwah... hehehe

  2. well, perhaps you should first accept who you really was because that's only when you can share that privilege to others,
    you can just leave this blog as is, it wasn't necessary to delete it, you can try searching what you really want within you and when your certain about it you can always comeback

  3. subukan mong idelete tong blog mo at yari ka sa akin! hahhaha. and yeah, this is not the real you. i know. ilang years na tayong magkakilala so alam ko na hindi ikaw talaga to. yeah it is your other you.

  4. Wow! English! Now, I'm inspired! Hindi ako nakakagawa ng post na straight english! Hahaha! Just keep on writing, keep blogging hanggang mag evolve itong blog mo into something you want it to be. Take one step at a time... Wag mong pwersahin ang sarili mo na makagawa ng post just for the sake na meron kang new entry. Kung sabaw, eh di sabaw! Kung malungkot, eh di malungkot, kung galit ka, mag rant ka! Kung masaya, share the happiness! O ha! Wala nang tatalo dyan! Personal na personal blogger ang dating! Personalan talaga hahaha Wag kang hihinto, the passion to blog will come back. Okay? Kung maka advise naman ako, parang expert! Hahaha Feelingero lang. Basta steady ka lang dyan hahaha

  5. Just write from ur heart!!!!! Sulat lng ng sulat!

  6. Magsulat ka lang gamit ang style na kung san ka komportable. :)

  7. just continue writing :) in some ways it can really help other people :)

  8. Same sentiments with you Kuya Xander :))

    Minsan din feeling ko parang di pa enough yung mga isinisulat ko sa blog. Yun bang parang lagi ka pang may hinahanap na di mo naman mawari kung ano. Ang gulo lang diba? Siguro nga, da best na gawin na lang natin ay to continue writing kung ano ang passion natin if my time at hindi masyado busy. Kase mahirap din naman mag-isip ng magandang topic kung tuliro ang utak diba?

    Mahirap, pero hindi imposible. Kaya yan!

  9. Umpisahan mo yan sa pagbare ng sarili mo. Kaya post na ng sexy pic. Charot!

    Just write anything about what u feel. Like your personal dairy ganyan


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