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Dolphin Tale

I cannot imagine that I'll cry again watching a movie top billed by an animal. As far as I can remember the last time I cried over a movie was when I watched the movies like Free Willy, Homeward Bound and Hachiko.

I thought the movie is just all about the Dolphin who fight friendship with a human being. But beyond that I learned something about it. I cried, I think 3 times, watching the movie.

This is not a spoiler, by the way. I dont want to tell about the details of the movie but I just want to share what I've learned from it.

  • Whatever you are going through, its not yet the end. There is still hope.
  • Even if your lack something, like disabilities never make it a reason not to be happy with life. There are so many things you can do and make a difference.
  • Family is Forever.
  • It doesn't matter where you're coming from, what's important is where you're leading your life.
  • "In this changing world, it's harder than ever to find something extraordinary, but every once in a while a symbol of hope breaks through. And this time, her name is Winter." - Dr. Cameron McCarthy (Morgan Freeman) - Dolphin Tale.
  • Never Give up. 
  • Be Patient. 
  • There is always hope. We just need to believe. 
Oh well, Winter you touched my deepest emotion. Thanks.


  1. I'm definitely going to watch this one.. :D

  2. want to watch this kaso tinamad me last restday ko

  3. I think this movie also got good reviews in the US (via Rottentomatoes). I will ask someone to download it for me. LOL!

  4. Interesting! Gusto ko din tong panoorin.

  5. super like! ganda ng mga insights. sooooo true!

  6. I'll watch this. :) Interesting.

  7. @Khantotantra- wag na tamadin. nuod na. maganda sya!

  8. @Gasoline Dude- oo nga ehh.. Ive read some good reviews about the movie thats why I got interest to watch it.

  9. @empi- oo panuorin mo swear ang ganda.

  10. @Yow -- manuod ka na din maganda siya.. Two Thumbs up!

  11. gusto kong ma inspired kaya panonoorin ko ang movie ito.thanks for sharing pati yong mga pagluha mo.


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