Prayer For A Friend

Lord I pray for my friend
Whose youthful years were covered by circumstances
Lord I lift my friend up to you
Who believe that his ways are true
But you know where it lead if my friend will continue

Lord I lift my friend up to you
Whose eyes were clouded by the things the world offers
The only bestfriend that I have in this world
You know what to do with his life oh Lord

I lift my friend up to you
Whose faith is shadowed by ungodliness
Whose beauty is covered by ugliness
You know what to do
So please save him from falling to the one we call you-know-who.


  1. Amen.

    PS: Isama mo din kaming iBloggers sa prayers mo.. :)

  2. nice naman...
    check on this..

  3. Amen. Yan ang true friend. :)

  4. that was very nice... Amen to that..

    by the way do you mind checking out on The Shack At The End of the Road?

  5. A very nice and sincere prayer for a friend. I like it. :)

  6. Amen. A heart-warming prayer for a friend...:)


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