Guilty Pleasures I Shouldn’t Feel Guilty About

     Guilty pleasures are a good thing. We work hard, we think too much and get stress a lot. Sometimes it’s good to give ourselves a reward that we deserve. Sometimes we need to indulge into things that will give us relaxation and comfort. And by “sometimes” means as often as possible.

     Guilty pleasure means something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt. The “guilt” might involve a fear of others know about it or maybe judged by being in a low taste of something that you loved to do. Some people actually called guilty pleasures as “vices”. For me, guilty pleasures are things you indulge in that you can do anytime without compromising something. Like spending too much money on something that’s not too important, eating too much even more than your weight, or watching TV shows for hours until the network will sing its National Anthem.

     Anyways, I just want to share some guilty pleasures I have that I think I shouldn’t feel guilty about. Hopefully, I won’t be judged! Thanks! J

  • Sleep – I love to sleep. I believe this is the only time I can be with myself. It’s also my time to get back the energy I lost from my very stressful life/work.
  • Coffee – According to some research, coffee can fight heart disease and some cancers. Another research shows that moderate-coffee drinking in middle age has been associated with lower risks for dementia and Alzheimer. Again, moderate drinking, not too much. Too much drinking coffee is not good. Drinking coffee helps me think and relax. It’s like a drug to me like my own type of personal heroine.
  • Get a Massage – It’s my way of releasing stress. Going to a spa or a massage parlor is one thing that I can say I feel guilty about. Every time I feel the need to get a massage and go directly to the nearest spa and get a great body massage.
  • Hanging out with friends – They said that hanging out with good people will refresh your mind and it will bring a wonderful stress relief. It will also rejuvenate your body and mental health in an outstanding manner. It’s great to hang out and enjoy with friends but with limits. Going out for tours and vacation once in a while with friends will also provide you astonishing benefits.
  • Movies – it could be watching it in cinemas or at home. Sometimes, watching movies alone is also one thing that I feel guilty about. I can go to the movie house and eat in a restaurant alone. I don’t worry too much about being so lonely and sad. Sometimes I just feel the need to be alone with myself and enjoy.
  • Go to the gym – I just enrolled in a gym. This is my way of taking care of myself and pushing healthy lifestyle. I feel relax and energize after each session.
     Some pleasure might be too expensive for others, but think of the benefits that you can get out from these pleasures. You actually don’t need to spend too much money on the things that you love to do. You just need to be creative and always do things that you think will give you a healthy life.


  1. naks naggym si Master Pogi! Keep it up!

  2. @Bino -- hahahaha oo nga ehh.. Para worth din ang pagiging Master Pogi.. bwahahahaa...

  3. hahahha mag gym din ako next time pag may budget na..

  4. sabi sa ecclesiaste... our life is nonsense... at kahit anong gawin natin sa life natin...basta i-enjoy natin ang mga bagay na pinaghihirapan natin..

  5. naka-relate ako dun sa movies ^_^. yung watching and eating alone. hehehe

  6. yung magpamassage sa spa na lang ang di ko nasusubukan dyan sa list mo hahaha.

  7. pampering oneself isn't something anybody should be guilty about.

  8. @Anciro- hehehe sa mumurahing gym lang naman.. lol

    @ronster- subukan mo na.. masarap sa pakiramdam. hehehe

    @Kamila- i agree with you. Life is meaningless so enjoy while its still here.

    @goldi - really? masaya naman diba? hehe

    @Nowitzki- oo nagygym na may modeling contract na naghihintay ehh wahahaha joke lang.

    @Sean- me too

    @Ais- yes ye si agree with you.. im not guilty actually. hehe

  9. at no. 1 talaga sa list si sleep.. haha favorite guilty pleasure ko yan... no. 2 si watching movies..

  10. @Darwin -- yeah number 1 talaga un.. hehehehe

  11. ako yung guilty pleasures ko..

    1. kumain ng chichirya, chocolates, pizza
    2. magpsp hanggang ala una ng madaling araw
    3. magvideoke

  12. when it comes to pleasures... zero guilt dapat. :D followed u btw.

  13. @hamster-- ako din videoke pero di ko na sinama.. hahaha

    @ayeesha MD -- following you back too.. thanks.. wink wink


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