How To Avoid Being SMished

     Have you ever received a text message from someone you don't know asking for a load or your personal information? Did you received a text message telling you that you won in a lottery or a raffle from a company and that you need to call or send your own personal information? Are you a victim of these bogus attack from peoople who wants to get victimize innocent people like us?

     The world is so cruel for those people who are not vigilant enough in safeguarding our property, personal information and even our life. We need to be very watchful as there are people who will try to do anything just to get what they want. 
     The latest attack that a lot of us are encountering right now is what we called SMishing. This is the latest Phishing attack that uses text messages (SMS) to get personal information on cell phones and mobile devices. 

It derives from SMS + Phishing = SMishing.

     This usually happens when a text message is delivered to the "bait" (this could be you and me) to divulge your personal information. The message will appear in a way that you will not be suspicious about it.  The message usually contains something that will get your immediate attention.It might come from a legitimate source such as your bank or a merchant saying you must respond to protect your account or order. 

     This is also a mobile spamming trying to trick you to reveal your personal information.So, how can we avoid being SMished?

  • Never respond a text messages that you received which ask for your personal information, no matter who the text message came from. Crooks can manipulate text messages, so even if the message came from someone close to you, do not respond because you do not know if they are the one who actually sent it. 
  • Treat your mobile phone like your computer. Never download anything unless its coming from a trusted source. If you do so, you could install virus, worm or even mobile spyware that once downloaded can eavesdrop on your emails and conversation. 
  • Avoid using your mobile phone calling any phone numbers to cancel a membership you did not sign up for. 
  • Never click a hot link or attachments contained in unsolicited texts or emails. If you want to go to a website, type the url directly into your browser's address bar. Smishing have hot links in them where a spyware is installed, once downloaded it will surely get your personal information and thieves can still it from you in just a few seconds. 
     As the world progresses in terms of technology, criminals and thieves also becomes clever. They uses every single thing they have just to get something from someone. Its up to us to give and exert extra effort to take good care of what we have by being watchful and mindful.

So be careful!


  1. Nkakabadtrip talaga yung mga ganun..parang tangeks lang. Kase namn hello.. para silang tanga.. nyahahahawala may masabi lang

  2. hahahaha oo nga Kamila.. napansin ko.. haha ok lang yan basta may comment ka lang masaya na ako.. hahaha

  3. lagi ako nakakareceive ng txt na nanalo daw ako sa isang charity sweepstakes, as in ilang beses na.. grabe yung mga manloloko na yan..

  4. i also experience this and what i do, i just ignore it... nice post, very informative!!! have a great day!!! =)

  5. ~I'm glad i don't have a cellphone...i don't have to think about SMishing at all...:))

  6. I usually ignore text messages coming from these people, pag nasa mood ako I send a reply para basagin sila. Hehe!

    Hey Xander, thanks for the follow pala! :D

  7. this stupid messages are automatically deleted im not stupid hahahaha

  8. nagkalat yan kahit san=)
    hindi naamn nkakaaliw

  9. @kRINGLES and Francine - thanks for the comment

    @Poppe - nice one.. sana ako din kaya ko walang cellphone.

    @Louie- welcome..

    @emmanuel -- happy valentine days to you too

    @hard2getxxx -- yeah same here..

    @Chinchan- i agree..

  10. buti na lang wala akong load lagi kaya magtae sila. hahahaha

  11. kawawa naman ang mabbiktima nito... muntikan na rin mabiktima ang bestfriend ko s lottery na yan, isipin mo b nmn milyones ang pinag uusapan.. Oo nga nmn isang malaking katangahan kung kakagatin mo ang pain.

  12. thanks thanks for the info :) hahha.
    mm, now i know its called SMishing. lol

  13. It finally has a name lol :)))

    Love ur blog <3


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