Lessons I Learned When I Left My Comfort Zone

Definition of COMFORT ZONE

1: the temperature range within which one is comfortable
2: the level at which one functions with ease and familiarity

     It’s been 6 years since I left Davao for work here in Makati. I am 993.5 kilometres (617.34 miles) away from home. I know for a fact that this entails a lot of adjustment. When I decided to accept the job in Makati, I knew that I would be leaving my comfort zone. I grew up with my family around me all the time, and its something that I value for the rest of my life. Being in a place where I knew every road to take, every street to go, every twist and turns of every corner is where I have always felt comfortable with. Even simple things like knowing what kind of weather to expect is something that I am accustomed to.

     Deciding to leave your comfort zone is something that a person should think a thousand times. The time I decided and leave my hometown, I remember a lot of concerned people and friends asked me about why would make such a drastic change, left my life in comfort, uproot my life and then transfer to an entirely new civilization.   I can say that so far, this is the most difficult decision I ever made in my life. I cannot imagine life without my family. I did not even wish for this, it just knocks on my door one day and then courageously said “Yes to change”.

     Since it’s been 6 years now that I left my dear beloved land, I can say that I learned some important lessons. I hope this can help those people who are in the planning stage either to leave home and embrace new things and new challenges, or struggling to make that big decision, which in turn will have a great impact on your life.

  • Set and focus your goal – I think this is the very first step in the process. You need to set your goal first. Once, you have decided to leave, focus on that goal. In times, that sadness and loneliness hit you in the head then you can counter it with your goal. When you’re in doubt about your future, stop and think of why you left your comfort zone in the first place.
  • Be open to change – when they asked me if I was alright moving to a place that I am not familiar with, my answer was always yes. We should always be ready and accept new things that our new surrounding brings. In this way, you will enjoy and be comfortable in this new zone.
  • Internet can be your best ally – With the new technology, it’s comforting to know that we can communicate in just one click with our family and beloved ones. In this fast paced world having a mobile phone and internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity. This will lessen the sadness and loneliness we felt.
  • Embrace your new surrounding – The first time I set my foot in Makati, I already felt the warm welcome this new place has given. The smile of every stranger I met is something that is comforting. You can feel the sense of belongingness. Being friendly will also help you adapt to this new awkward situation. So it really doesn’t matter if you’re the newest kid on the block as long as you’re friendly then you won’t have any difficulty in reaching out. Exploring different places and locations will also eliminate boredom which will also cause you to think and feel lonely.
  • Stay grounded and use some wit – It’s great to continually stay grounded with certain values that your family and loved ones taught you when you are still a kid. I am proud to say that my parents taught me great values when I was a kid. I was able to use it when I transferred here in my new environment. Values like never talk to strangers, or don’t go with people you don’t know will surely help you keep away from harm.
  • Lastly, understand and study the new place that you will go to – It’s recommended that you have the right information on the area that you will go. It’s great that you learn about the culture and rules prior to moving as this will help you misunderstood by others. 

      I can say that I surpass the feeling of getting lonely every time I think about my departure. Though, I really and honestly miss my family from out there. But only distance can separate us. What matters is that we value and we care even if I am away from them. The comfort that I am getting from my family and from the place I belong to is also the same comfort I am experiencing now because I fully understand that there is a purpose as to why I need to left home and start a life away from home.



  1. there's no place like home.
    whereever our feet and fate takes us.... at some point, it'll surely take us back to where we belong..

    in some ways nakakarelate ako sa post mo, well hindi sa part na paglipat.. pero sa part ng pagbabago..

    this one is a good read.. thanks for posting this!

  2. isa pang author ng how to survive without your comfor zone hehehehehe

  3. sinabi mo pa..comfort zone! Totoo lang kahit nasan man ako sa Pinas..okay na ako basta may toothbrush ako at konting damit.. pero nung napunta na ako dito sa states..kahit kasama ko mama ko..parang hirap pa rin mag-adjust...

  4. @Yanah-- yes sinabi mo pa... thanks nga pala..

    @Bino - hahaha.. lol.. survivor series daw ito ehh hahaha

    @Kamila -- mahirap ba? naku di na nga lang ako tutuloy dyan sa States..lol

  5. be open to change is really important in leaving your comfort zone.

    pero it's really hard to leave the comfort zone.

  6. hihihi aku nasa comfort zone pa rin~

  7. sabi nga nila di ba? kung gusto makita ang iba mo pang kakayanan u need to go out on ypur comfortzone at doon mismo lalabas ang tunay mong potential :D

  8. nice post bro. it's a good decision, really, to go out of your comfort zone to know other things and widen your knowledge...it takes real courage. most people don't even try. nice job sharing your survival tactics hehehehe.

  9. And if I may add to your list, "have lots of faith". Not just in yourself, but in the great plan a Divine Hand has prepared for you, even if at times, you don't get it.

    Nice blog. I rarely leave footprints when I visit blogs, but your posts have that raw, truly personal feel that speaks to the heart.

  10. @Khantotantra --oo its hard to leave the place where you feel the comfort of so many things but its the only way for you and me to grow as a person.

    @zyra- ok lang yan... hehehe

    @AXL - oo nga ehh tama ka dyan..

    @Ronster - thanks a lot man! appreciate it a lot.

    @sharkyflip - i agree faith is number one. Amen to that!

  11. Mahirap talaga gawin ito pero always ang pag move on mo ay laging may magandang patutunguhan.

  12. hi there fellas i need your help. :)
    teach me how to put those blah blah tab (i dont know how to call it. you know, uhm. the one that has funny, interesting and cool options. hihi. :))

  13. @Adyen-- i think you are referring to Pages...


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