Single is Sexy, But Two Is Better than One

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     I received a message from a very close friend asking me about my opinion on dating and love.  She's in love and she's 18. I'm not a love guru or an expert on something that I myself failed for many years.  I really do not know how will I answer and what feedback should I give her. Her message honestly caught my attention. I can imagine that Valentines day is approaching and that this teen friend is probably will be dating someone. 

     So I'll do my best I can to give her the best answer and the best opinion I have in mind. So here's my reply to her message:

Dear Teen Friend,

     I really appreciate you asking my opinion about dating and love but honestly I myself is also asking about it particularly about love as I do not date that much. It's not bad meeting new people and to know them but you should always be careful in meeting people. Probably the best thing I can tell you is to guard your heart. Do not give in that easy. Be vigilant. Dating is not bad as long as you know your limitations, as long as you know when someone is crossing the line. 

     You're 18 years old, my teen friend, you should enjoy life first. The right person will show itself in God's perfect and right time. Enjoy life. Have fun with your friends. Love your family more. Love yourself the most. 

Here's something that I want you to think about...
  • There is nothing wrong being single. Its fun to be single. I just heard this but, SINGLE IS SEXY!..Lol (kidding aside). It doesn't mean that if you're single, it means nobody cares and love you; YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY WRONG! Think about your family. Think about the people who care more than anyone else in the world. They offer you unconditional love maybe not in a romantic way but in a way that they'll give you everything. At your age, there are a lot of things in store for you. For now, take it slow and enjoy life. Soon, you'll meet that man - you're knight in shining armor. And when that time comes I can assure you that you understand that "two are better than one". 
  • The Bible says: Ecclesiaste 4: 9-11 --Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. If one of them falls down, the other can help him up. This is how great to be in a relationship. Someone will take care of you. Someone will help you up when you're down. But don't get me wrong, what I mean about this relationship is when you find that person fit for you. It's not about puppy love like thing relationship. This is something serious. Something that you'll keep for a lifetime. Its the type of partnership that nothing can separate. Its a bond between you and that person. A bond that will last forever until your hair turns gray.
     Well, teen friend, love will come at the right time at the right place and for the right person. Don't rush yourself. This is not a dating contest. This is real life. For now, enjoy and have fun with your life. Think of the things that matters the most. Don't search for love, wait for it. It only blossom in its perfect season. You wouldn't know that one day it will just be knocking on your door. 

     Anyways, I wish and hope that I help you somehow. Again, I am doing my best about love and relationship. Not that expert when it comes to this topic but you can count on me my friend. I'll always be here. 

Dr. Love (lol),

     Well, if anyone of you needs some advise on love? Just shoot me an email and Dr. Love is here.. Kidding guys! I was just so caught up with this friend of mine. And since I do not have anything to write about, then I was just sharing this experience with this teen friend.

     Anyways, Dr. Love is signing off... Goodnight and be blest! Love Love Love! 

"Two are better than One, But Three is unbeatable"


  1. you got that right-there's nothing wrong with being single. everything happens in its time and place; you just gotta be patient. :)

  2. Dating someone gives you an opportunity to get to know someone who could be your special someone.

  3. @Mystical --yes nothing's wrong in being single

    @Chesel- i agree.

    @uno- hahahha oo nga ehh haha

    @Bino -- haaayyy love

  4. Huwaw! Gumaganun gumaganon gumaganon! Dr.Lab ka na pala ah... gusto ko mala-papa-jack. hehehe :)

  5. @Kamila-- hjahah oo gusto ko maging Dr. Love mukhang malaki ang kita ng mga nagpapa counsel about love hahahahahaa

  6. naku, makapag-send nga ng mga love questions.. :)

    nice post! nothing's wrong with being single pero iba pa rin yung may katuwang ka sa life.. pero di naman kailangan na bf/gf, pwedeng ur sis/bro or ur bff..

  7. Hi,

    Happy Hearts day everyone!

    Yup. Point well taken. Everything will fall into its right places... reserving yourself only for your GOD's gift is truly a journey..

    To GOD be the glory till eternity! :)

  8. @Angel -- hahaha.. naku cge cge.. hahaha...


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