Can Ex-Lovers be Friends?: An Answer to Lily's Post

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This is an answer to Lily's Corner blog post: Can Ex-Lovers be Friends?

I was just browsing and do my blog routine - blog hoping/walking, when I run into Lily's blog (swerte mo Lily may blog promotion ka pa!..Peace!). I was pondering if this really happens in real life. Well, my answer is YES!

Honestly, its hard to be friends with your ex-lover specially if the break up cause a great impact or damage in the totality of your personality. Its a case to case basis. A lot of things needs to be considered and I think only those strong people who can be friends with ex-lovers.

It happened to me not only once but many times. The process of becoming friends again does not happen overnight. It takes time to heal the wounds and forget the past. Try to consider these things:
  • Make sure that you completely moved on with your failed relationship. This will set you free in case you will see him/her with someone else. 
  • Make sure that you are ready to be friends with him/her because you really want to and not because you want to win him/her back.
  • Building friendship with your ex-lover comes a great responsibility (parang spiderman lang!).
  • Do not make friends with your ex-lover the day after your break up. As I've said it doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes it takes years for you to accept the fact that your just friends, NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. 
  • Be strong enough to accept things. Always remember that all beautiful music comes to an end. Accept things and move on. There are reasons for everything.
Anyways, there is nothing impossible if we can be friends with our ex-lovers. Its good to make friends with everybody specially those people who became part of our lives. This will make the world a better place and easier to live.


  1. Bwahahah isang malupit na "NO" ang sagot ni Leah.. hahahhaa

  2. Haha.. Joke. I guess I should add some explanation to that.

    Well, I think it is possible for ex-lovers to be friends.. And I think that it's perfectly okay, as long as you have already accepted the fact that you're not together anymore and that you've moved on. If not, then better na hindi na muna. Because you'd jsut be giving yourself more pain.

    Let go and move on na lang muna. And when you already have, then there's nothing wrong with building friendship bridges again. :D

  3. ang sa akin lang ito. kung di nagwork out ang iyong relationship dahil di niyo gusto ang isat-isa or may ginawa kayo na di niyo tangap ibig sabihin kahit magkaibigan na lang ganon din yong kalalabasan.move on na lang at marami pang iba diyan.pero wag naman kasuklaman ang isat isa.wag na lang mangarap na maging best friend kayo kasi not possible.. wag ng magpacute sa isat isa kasi parang may mali. kung di naman. aba magusap kayo ibig sabihin type niyo pa ang isat isa.
    Pagdating ng araw na may kanya kanya na kayong pamilya be a good neighbors na lang at magbigayan na lang kayo ng gulay or ulam.masaya yon.

  4. Depende pero pwede. Kung unhealthy break-up ang nangyari sa inyo, malamang matagal yan. Depende rin sa ego nila. At lastly, depende rin sa bitterness scale ng iniwan haha :)

  5. magaling ! pero sa akin hindi pa nangyari na maging friends ko yung ex ko hehehehe...

  6. naniniwala ako na friends can be lovers but lovers cannot be friends hehehehe

  7. it is said that change is good even if it slaps you in the face. i think it's better to be positive always, even in failed relationships.

  8. hahaha. it depends nga kuya...

    in our case, (kami ni ex) parang malabo kasi...

    sa tingin ko kasi di pa sya nakakamove on. (LOL)

    (it's been 5years na ata)

    hehe ^_^

  9. Yes and No, Yes for those ex lover who have moved on already and have their own lives to live na. No, to those still in pain, in betrayal and in denial to accept the fact that to be a lover is no longer applicable for them. I guess time will answer this question for those ex lovers out there. :-)

  10. ako ayoko. hehe para wala ng conflict pa ^^

  11. OMG I recognized the spiderman language. IMMA cool.

    Peas out> :P

  12. i think you've completely explained the issue in its totality xander. bravo!

  13. Best tlagang it happened to you many times? na pala. I agree with you. It is possible. However, it takes a lot of control and guarding of the heart.

  14. Agree ako kay DiamondR. Friendship and love have the same foundations, and if one or the other breaks, it's most likely that there's something wrong that cannot be fixed. I'm pessimistic like that, pero I've seen this over and over again.


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