Filipino Traditional Games That I Used to Play

Being an adult gives me less opportunity to play Pinoy games that I enjoyed the most when I was a kid, though nobody stops me from playing it again. However, due to the demands and responsibilities of the job that I am facing, I haven't got much time in doing so. I remember we played games for so many reasons; as pastime, specially in rural areas and during moonlit nights, we usually gathered in plazas, open areas, or main roads, trying different set of games and interacting with other kids in the neighborhood as part of our recreation, socialization and relaxation after a hard day's work.

I personally believe that playing games is part of growing up. Some games are challenging. Some are daring. Some are physical, some are intellectually stimulating. Playing games teach us the value of Sportsmanship. I remember that when we play games, we don't have any referees or even coaches to teach us how to play it right. As kids, we made the rules and we abide the rules, that's what we called "honor system".

Below are some of the games that I usually played when I was a kid.

(Other games are: Patintero, Holen, Taguan, Tumbang Preso, Palo Sebo, Sungka, Siato (Siatong), Piko and some others.)

In this modern word, I observed that most kids doesn't played these games anymore. Probably they even do not know what and how to play this games. Unfortunately, most of  them are more aware and caught up with the modern toys that technology could ever offer. You have online games, PSP, PS2, nintendo and some others. Though, this might increase their mental abilities in terms of solving or maybe being active metally but pjhysically- NO!

Its commonly known that games, like the one I mentioned above, plays an important role in the learning process of the child. This educational influence of the games on the physical, mental, and moral vitality of a child is a factor why its still good to have these games be introduced to kids on this generation.

I wish that my future kids will experience the games that I played before. I could not imagine seeing them not enjoying the life that I have when I was a kid.

So.. let the games begin!


  1. whahaha naunahan mo ko sa ganitong entry dapata gagawa din ako nito dahil bakasyon eh kaso wala akong makitang mga batang pudeng gawin subject eh :D

  2. @AXl -- hahaha.. ganun ba? naku sayang naman at naunahan na hehehe

  3. yeah.. i hope these Pinoy games will remain forever.. i hope computer games wont replace the games we used to enjoy... *sigh*


  4. ok, time to play these games. to be honest, ndi pa ako nakaka traditional larong pambata. :|

  5. is thanking you for your visit! keep hugging my blog and explore my trails! happy trekking! :]

  6. @Juicekodai - i hope these games will be preserved.

    @Francis -- tara laro tayo..

    @empi - oo nga ehh

    @icedgurl - thanks!

  7. mas masaya noon kasi nalalaro ang mga games na nabanggit mo. Isama pa ang agawan base

  8. Yup, I remember those days, life was so simple and pure then! Also don't forget that there were saranggola (kite-flying), labanan gagamba, text or "teks" (card game featuring favorite super heroes), Marcos-Lopez and the list goes on and on. Those were the days.....

  9. sana hindi lang hangang salita yung nagsbing gusto nla laruin mga traditional games dhil po sa totoo lang po hndi lang naman para sa mga bta yun...till now nilalaro pa po namin ang luksong tinik,tumbang preso...


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