Prepare for Battle

You want war, I'll give you war! - Victoria Valera (Gretchen Barreto, in Magkaribal 2010)

     After contemplating and thinking about life and things, I finally decided to go into war. I'll make sure I will put up a good fight. Things will never be the same again, so I need to be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready. 

     Few months back, I was jobless. I lose hope. I didn't put a good fight. I let the enemy win over me. I'm not ready for that battle. No armor. Defenseless. Weak and alone. But being in that state helps me figure out that life is like a battlefield. You need to be ready in anything and in everything. You don't know what will happen in the future. You don't know who our enemies are so we better be ready for the fight.

     Next monthh, a new chapter will start. A new beginning and a new adventure. A new road to travel. A new journey. Its like entering a new battleground. A new arena where I don't know what will my fate be. A place where I'll start from scratch, meet new enemies and maybe meet new allies. Encounter hardships and trials. Am I ready for that challenge? Yes! I am! I am prepared. I'm ready. I carry all my experiences and the things that happened in the past as my tool and my prayer as my greatest armor.

     Some of us are afraid of challenges. Most of us are scared of what is in store for us outside the box or outside the four corners of what you can our vision can see. Whether we are scared to find a new opportunity because we feel that what we have now is our comfort zone. We are too scared to fight for what we believe is right. We are too weak to go beyond even if we know in our hearts that we can do more and we can give more. Maybe we're scared because were not ready to fight. Or maybe, we're not in full armor to go and give our best and be ready for combat.

     When entering in the battlefield of life, one should always be ready to be sure you'll get the victory you are aiming for. You might want to consider these:

  • Bring your best guns (weapons). This means to bring the best attitude. Think positively and do not allow fear to eat your soul. Bring your skills and what you have learned from the past. 
  • Wear the best armor. The ones that are hard to  destroy. Wear and always keep the shield of faith. Wear the buckle of truth.
  • Eat the right kind of food before entering the battlefield. Be physically healthy. This will give you enough energy and strength to succeed.
  • Stay focus. Do what you need to do. If your in a new job, focus on the things that was given to you and then if you still have time do some research to improve your skills.

(picture of this post is take from Natural Cat Behavior)


  1. tatandaan ko lahat ng to sa oras na umalis na ko ng trabaho

  2. nice post! =) a very encouraging and optimistic entry!

    good luck to your new endeavor xander!

  3. glad to hear that.. sometimes, things get really shaky, but the world doesn't stop just because you chose to stop fighting and you will just wake up one morning left so far behind. so, when things get tough, BE TOUGHER..

  4. ang cute ng mga pusa hihi. yeah, life is like a battlefield. you need to be always ready. sabi nga ng isang daga, bring on the goddamn cat! ang layo wahihi.

  5. I remember the very first time I applied for a job (I was only 17 during that time), I was very nervous because I don't have a college degree yet (well, up to now, I'm still studying). But I was able to grab the job position, it was hard but I refused to give up because I told myself that I have to earn so I can continue with my studies.

    I commend the pointers you have given, all of them are true. GOOD LUCK!

  6. sabi nga nila every battle you go there always a learning :D

  7. this was what i felt four months ago. your right, i for one treat life like a game.
    (lets say final fantasy - - i do hope your familiar).

    life is like an rpg or final fantasy, your the character - you explore the world, you fight enemies(work, boss, colleagues), you win (but with damage), but you level up (because of experience) and gain loots (salary). now ain't that a fun way of perceiving everyday life? hahaha nice post

  8. @Bino - oo tandaan mo yan ha.. heheh

    @Bon 2.0 - Thanks man!

    @Kimmy- tama ka dyan!

    @Kraehe - oo nga ang cute ko.. i mean yung haha natawa ako dun sa line na yun...

    @Kench - ganun talaga even ako nanginginig pa din sa mga interviews.The last interview I had was with buti na lang webcam lang yung interview.

    @AXL- i agree.. its a learning experience.

    @Francis- yeah I am familiar with it and nice interpretation.. galing..

    @wandering commuter -- thanks man!

  9. ayos. but if you need further help, or so to say, other armors to wear for your new battle, let me share this to you. as i said, i too, had difficulties with starting out before. but this, helped me out! check it out :) goodluck xander


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