Dear Lucky Winner, Congratulations!!!

I was checking my emails the other when I noticed that my Spam Emails Folder is screaming because its already full. I then clicked and checked if there are emails that's supposed to be not a spam but was routed to that folder. I also noticed that most of the are really Spam. Lol!

The only thing that catches my attention are these emails from someone in Burkina Paso. Funny thing is, I dont know someone from that place. However when I open the email, it says: Dear Lucky Winner! Congratulations!!! 
I know this is a spam email and a scam. Where in they will tell you that you won in a lottery and all you need to do is to send your Full Name, Address, Telephone Number or even your bank account so they can deposit the amount you've won. Funny!
As I continue checking my emails, I found another one is which more of like a personal email from Western Union

And another one from Mr. Ming Yang
And another one from Karen Polak and Co. said that I am the beneficiary/next of kin to their client as Ibear the same name identity. Weird!!!
This post is really not to tell everyone to believe in this type of emails but to let people you guys know that we need to be careful in giving out information specially our personal information. They might use it for something else. Scary!
However, at the back of my mind; what if I will try. There is nothing to lose anyways, I suppose!
What if its true? What if I really deserve that amount and behind this emails are really people who cared so much in giving out there riches. What if?
Honestly, I tried it once... A long time ago when this type of emails started to circulate the world wide web. But after I sent an email giving out my information.. NOTHING HAPPENED!!!
Its a scam!!! 
BUT What IF?
If I am going to sum it up:
- $5000 - Western Union Compensation
- Estate from Am Schanzengraben 25, Zurich 8047, Switzerland
- $24,500,000 - Profitable Business Proposal from Ming Yang
Reall is a huge amount. Wish its true...
Maybe I'll just keep on dreaming.
However nothing is more fulfilling from getting your riches out of hardwork. Maybe some people are lucky enough to get their millions in a blink of an eye, but its also easier for them to spend it in a snap


  1. Waaaah!! eh kung totoo lahat yan at hindi spam mails, naku! CONGRATULATIONS talaga! hehe..

    Balato.. hihi..

  2. yes that is truly a scam hehehe.... ingat ingat sa budol budol ggang...

  3. akala ko may pa contest ka rin.dami ko na ring natanggap na ganyan.

  4. Di mo na kailangan niyan bilang likas ka namang mayaman ;p

  5. sobrang lucky naman ng mga winners if this is for real talaga!!!! haaaaaaaay... pa pizza nman kayoooo!!

  6. may punto ka. wala nang mas sasarap pang pakiramdam na yumaman ka dahil sa nagsikap ka. :)

  7. @Leah -- cge bigyan kita balato kung sakali manalo ako.. hehe

  8. @jedpogi-- oo nga katakot sila..

  9. @Diamond R - wala pa ako pa contest. Kung meron balitaan kita.

  10. @Desole Boy - sana nga totoo yan hahaha..

  11. @Hana Banana-- hindi lang pizza papakain ko pag ako nanalo. haha

  12. @allanistheman - salamat allan. kaya magsumikap tayo para yumaman. hehe

  13. i received the same mails last month ata...pati boss ko hehe

  14. haha... i had those emails deleted and blocked the senders but they kept on sending spam. :(

  15. haha... i deleted all the e-mails and blocked the senders but they kept on sending spam messages using different accounts. :(

  16. LOL! nagtry din ako dati nito. in the end manghihingai din ng pera para maprocess! hahaha. that's when you know its a scam talga!

  17. ahehe naku sana nga totoo na lang lahat nung mga spam mails ko... kasi kung nagkataon eh milyonaryo na rin ako hehehe

  18. musta bro, dami ngang ganyan parang ang sarap lang basahin kung totoo hehe


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