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A Letter To My Son

Dear Nash,

I know you still can't read, however; when time comes that you know how to read, hopefully you will appreciate that in my little way I was able to do something on your birthday. Looser kasi uncle mo kaya pasensya na. Lol.

You turn three years old now and as always I am not there to celebrate. I just miss your cuteness and hopefully I will be there when you grow up so you will know me and wont forget me. 

Looking at your pictures always makes me smile. I miss the first time we play together. That was unforgettable. If you only knew how much I want to stay to play more but I can't. 
I pray that when you grow older, you will have the wisdom and the knowledge of Yahweh. Be a strong man and keep the faith. I will always be behind you and no matter what I will be you're best uncle in the entire world.

I love you and I miss you.

Happy Birthday!

Tito Xander


A simple poem for you little one

Your innocent smile is like the heat of the sun
That radiant through the hearts of the man
Your energy overflows
Like a wind when it blows

Your cheerfulness ignites us
At the end of the day you continue to surprise us
Your sweet little voice makes me giggle
Your pure heart wants me to be like a child forever

My dear nephew I want to say I love you
I will be your second father and I promise to take care of you
I will be your defender and will be here forever
Till my last breath I will be the best uncle and with this I will swear



  1. maligayang kaarawan sa iyong pamangkin :D

  2. Ang baet naman ni Angkol. Hehe, I know he'll appreciate it pagdating ng araw.Continue being a good example. Panu yan, wala naman ako pamangkin kaya di ko rin magagawa ginagawa mo! Hahaha

  3. @Thor- salamat.. hayaan mo kahit wala ka pamangkin pwede naman din sa iba mo na lang gawin like baka pagdating ng araw para sa mga anak mo..

  4. Cute naman ni pamangkin. Happy birthday sa kanya!

  5. Happy birthday. :) Namimiss ko yung mga pamangkin ko sa Pilipinas. Hays..

  6. hello xander, nice letter.. ang cute ni nash

    im bak!

  7. hong kyut kyut nomon ng pomongkin mo ;)

    nakaka miss talaga ang mga bata..

  8. Xander: Most probably sa mga anak ko na to gagawin. Hehehe o pwede rin sa mga inaanak ko :))

  9. Ayos galing mag pa cute.Happy birthday Nash pag nakakabasa ka na at least nabati kita dito.

  10. cute ng pamangkin mo at ang cool ng poem mo sa kanya.

    kung minsan kung puwede lang mahiling mo na huwag nang lumaki e ano. ako napapaligiran ng maraming pamangkin. magulo pero nakakatuwa at nakakatawa rin. mabuhay sa mga tito at tita!


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