I hate You Numbers!?

I hate numbers... Whoever invented and discovered the idea of computation or anything that involve numbers.. I HATE YOU!

If you hate numbers too, better continue reading. If you love numbers, please continue reading as well. You might understand why I do, "HATE NUMBERS".

I hate the idea of computing something and the fact that it involves numbers. I remember when I was a kid, I'm not one of those who really excel in math. You can let me do anything in the class like do reports, write on the board, list those who are noisy, you can let me sing, I can dance, I can do oration or public speech or impromptu speech but never ever dare to let me solve problems and have me sit in a class finding the letter "X" or the square root of this and that and so on and so forth...

I always wonder and up to know why do we need numbers? why Math? What's in it that makes people insane and why some people love it.

I almost failed in my math subject when I was in high school. I always get 75 in math when I was in elementary. I tried very hard to achieve and excel in Math, but I really cant. So depressing! I admire those who loves Math and makes it like their bread and butter. Duh!

Sometimes I think that I develop Dyscalculia (math disability).

But, IM NOT! and Im glad!

Me and Mathematics have love-hate relationship since my childhood days. I like algebra though but not Trigonometry. You see, their are other fundamentals (or if that's the right term) or other branch or forms of mathematics that I like.

However, hating it doesn't mean I don't like it. I am still glad that numbers where created. I'm glad that we have numbers that makes our lives easier.

I like number and numbers because I have the ability to do the following:
  • Count my blessings and continue counting
  • I can count how many good friends I have and continue counting
  • I can how many days I can still live so that the remaining days will be spend on those valuable things
  • I'm glad there is numbers to use so I can count how many billions I have already saved in my account..Lol
  • I can use numbers when I want to know my waist line or my weight. 
  • I can use numbers and check how many miles I already ran and will continue counting on how far my life would go.
  • With numbers, I know exactly the size of my foot
  • My glad there are numbers in our watches and clocks. With it I know what time is it and when I am go to work and when to take some rest. 
There are so things that I'm thankful for because of numbers.

So what I said above that I hate numbers... Nah! Its just normal. As what I said, me and numbers have this love-hate relationship.

Thanks to numbers!



  1. i love trigo. i don't like algebra. ganun lang siguro talaga hehehe

  2. I love math. Di ako yung tipong math wizard pero naeenjoy ko ang pagcompute. Masaya kaya paduguin ang utak. Hahaha.

  3. I also hated Math and di ko naman nagamit sa buhay ko ang a+b na yan

  4. Ako po, i love numbers, it is the universal language that anyone can understand.. i love finding X and Y.. i love solving equation.. pero never ko nagustuhan ang mag-oration sa gitna ng klase, magsayaw nor kumanta -- NOON. :p

    So I guess, ganun nga po talaga, may mga taong magaling at hilig ang isang bagay na ayaw ng ibang tao and vice versa.

  5. Haha. They say that the person first discovered numbers even hated. Thus made them useful.

  6. I like algebra. But I'm better at geometry. Haha

  7. I hate Maths.. but I could live with algebra. hihi..

    At kelangan lang talaga sa buhay natin ang Maths. If we're not learned in Maths, panu na? We see numbers everyday. :)

    Maths sucks.. but we need them to learn them. hehe..

  8. I hate Math, and so with its many branches. Haha!

    Feeling ko kasi.. bibili ba ako sa tindahan tapos sasabihin ko "magkano kendi? tatlo for square root of 4 pesos? x squared toyo nga po." hahahaha!

  9. @Katherine-- hahaha.. tama ka dyan.. Pag nagbabayad sa jeep hindi naman natin sinasabi na, "Manong bnayad ko po oh.. Dalawa yan. 100 pesos yan paki divide na lang into two to the square root of five times the infinity of 10.. bahahaha...


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