"This is the answer to my hardships," Gerry declared.

Tightly holding the rusty knife in his right hand, Gerry slowly sliced his wrist moving it back and forth as blood slowly dropped out while tears started to fall. He was enjoying the pain and agony as he remembered every adversity he had. 

"This feeling is much better than seeing myself succumb to every transgression," He said.

"Why are you wasting your life?" A voice came out of nowhere.

"Why do you care?" Gerry put the knife down while the blood continued to flow from his wrist.

"I care because I am you. Look inside your heart. I am here. Go back to your senses and stop acting like an uneducated man. You are stronger than that. Trust me, things will be better again soon."

Gerry couldn't feel anything anymore. He's standing in front of the window looking at a distance, while blood continue to drip from his wrist down to his fingertips.

Another life was wasted.


  1. taray knife agad, di ba pwedeng blade na lang muna, hehe

    tsk2 sayang ang life kung sa pagganyan lang nila iha2ntong ang lahat, tsk2

  2. @Iyakhin - awww.. what happened?

  3. dapat sa carotid artery ang hiwa, para siguradong deads. duwag ang naglalaslas sa wrist. wehehehe. :)


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