Way Back Home


Am I really back in blogging?


I finally found my way back and start doing what I really love. It has been how many months that I didn't do this. I honestly don't know what happened but I just came to a point that I got tired in blogging. It actually eats up my time. Time that I should spend in going out and enjoy the real world. But look at me, I'm blogging again and doing what I really like and love. Naks!

Just a little update about myself. Things that happened in my life while I am away from blogging. 
  • I am jobless. Again!
  • I am now 31 years old. Wahahaha
  • I had my first travel outside the country in Thailand.
  • Travelled to Boracay.
  • Experience the Underground River in Puerto Princesa, Palawan
So there, yun na lang muna.

I promise to post and update this blog the best I can. :)


  1. welcome back! :))) ikaw na ang maraming gala hehe

  2. missing you big time bro! kitakits soon!

  3. well, someone's been real busy hehe good for you :-)

  4. Welcome back sa blogosperyo! :D

  5. @Mots - maraming salamat sa pag welcome back.. hahaha.. maraming gala pawala ng stress sa dating work haha

  6. @Bino - miss you too hehehe.., see yah soon kasama ang pamilya Bontrap hahaha

  7. @Mac Callister - hahaha yeah busy doing nothing

  8. Welcome back po :))

  9. @TR Aurelius - thanks so much for welcoming me back.


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