You're Never Alone

Larawan kuha sa Matabungkay Beach Resort
If you feel that your heart is empty
Like no one is there to take away that misery
If you think you fight on your own
Remember that you are never alone

If sadness strikes you big time
And you feel that you can't stand cause you don't have a dime
Think of those happy memories we've shared
I'm sure, at least, that wont make you impaired

When you feel lost and I am not around
Look inside your heart for in there I can be found
When the world turns its back on you
I will hold your hands because I will stand beside you

 If I bid goodbye because I need to
Just remember that I am always here for you
Keep in mind that you're never alone
You will always be my love and my own


  1. pwedeng pwedeng kanta. lagyan na ng tono to hehehe

    1. Sige lagyan mo ng tono para maging kanta. Yan ang magiging cover ng album ng Ube Jam Boys hahaha

  2. nice.. napangiti ako sa tula nato :)

  3. Nice poem Xander! Thanks for sharing :))

  4. Saan mo nakuha yung sunset tol? Lupet!

  5. ganda ng poem ~! may future ka! :D


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